What Once Was Lost

Jason Romein

This one's a cool one...it briefly explains why Toranet is so deserted =] It also is a cool story, of course =]

The Night Kind

Angela Haynes

Flickers in Door Ways- Part one

Nina Marshall A.K.A Confused One

this is one of those indulgence stories that I write to annoy my mother out of her logical thinking mind. Let's just say that the thesaurus was quite useful.

Only a Mortal

Shuo Chen

Follows after the fashion of Empyreal Light and Fanged Kiss. It's shorter though.

Oh, the Stars

Frances Gibbs

Inspired by the night skies... The words are so simple because its a song.

Ethereal - Verse One

Brandon Halcomb

This is the replacement for Silenced Nightfall. This series is intended to be quite a few episodes shorter and I'm actually having fun writing it. Well, I hope you enjoy it. Others should be on the way soon.

Swimming In The Sun-Sea

Dana Miner

fantasy poetry

Across The Paisley Skies(part 1)

Dana Miner

fantasy poetry

Awaiting Death

Shuo Chen

Ummm...I've made several futile attempts to write good descriptive figurative language for this 'un, but they're just that--futile. Anyway, this originally came from my sympathy for the old and I did this as a kind of practice piece, for me to explore the intellectual, emotional, and spiritual world of the old. Please say something about this piece.

The Beginning

Ricky Barnett Jr.

When Michael finds a different world he questions reality. This is the start.

The Beginning - Alternative ending no.1

Lee-Ann Tee

Adina finally manages to contact the other realm and is so excited, she can't wait to tell her friend all about it

The Creation of DeJarning

Mathew Harlass

This is the first in a series of documents that will detail the 2,500 year history of DeJarning. When and if all these documents will be uploaded has not been decided.

An Introduction to Ethereal Studies, and a Rumination Upon Same

Charles Clay

An attempt at explanation and shameless grab for forgiveness regarding my recent absence. C'mon, baby. You know I never meant to do you wrong.

Waves of wandering dream

Piotr Ponte Sypniewski

"Waves of wandering dream..." is about art of Chinese calligraphy and its alluring energy


Ayame Ulrich

this one is sad. It's about how few people believe in faeries.

Empyreal Light

Shuo Chen

Not much to say...except, I took a long time looking through the HTML code and changing things here and there. Whew! Finally done! I'm glad. I hope you'll enjoy! And please comment.

Moonlight Escalator (Part 2)

Dana Miner

fantasy story prose-poetry