Of devils and demons

Alexandru Moisi

This is more of a philosophical monologue about the reasoning of devils and why they do the things they do.

Love at Christmas Eve

Gerardo Pizarro Fuentes

Waking up to a chorus of singing people isn't always fun. But once Kyle is awake he realizes who is important on this early Christmas Eve, his true love.

Leviathan: The Living Legend 4

Nathanael Eisner

Leviathan’s decisions lead to their ultimate conclusion.

Creation Story

Che Joseph Monro

The creation of the world, mankind, and stuff.


Amarantha Dyuaaxchs

For long periods of time, this is my favorite song. When it's my favorite song, I often write another verse. The first and the three last stanzas always remain in those positions, so if you don't want to read the whole thing (I think it's 180 lines now), read those four and comment. I regard this as a parody of how Hallowe'en is sometimes perceived.

Dream of the Garden

Angela Sasser

An angel begins a journey that will forever change my life. Inspired by a dream once upon a night.

The Story of Eve

Tiffany Killingsworth

The journal and writing of a non-typical Medusa

Them's the Brakes

Katherine Grantham

Inspired by a friend's moving experience, involving one of the most terrifyingly unroadworthy vehicles I have heard tell of. Whoa, mods choice first time out of the gate. Guess the Elfwood donation is good for something.  *wry grin*Corrected a couple of misspellings. Knew I should have used a spell-checker... Nertz! Correcting the misspellings lost the Mods Choice icon! Scream! Wail! Other imprecations as required! If I ever get another one you'll just have to live with any stupid misspellings! * pout*


Amy Williams

The tremulous voice of the city as understood by a girl who has tasted every flavor of rain. Insane or painfully observant? A young woman's struggle with reality, dogma, beauty, destruction, love and the possibility of living. Brilliant.... Written 2001.


Simi *Muffin Queen*

You may already know her story; it is an old, old story. It is the story of a garden, and the loss of perfection. You may already know Lilith's story, but this is not hers. This story is not so old as that, for Lilith is older than all things. This story is about Eve. This is Eve's story of the garden and the snake's secret smile. I was a little hesitant to write this at all, and even more hesitant to put it on Elfwood. It does have a heavy religious tone to it, but I'm not trying to preach anything. I've been obsessed with telling Lilith's side of the story, and when someone suggested I tell Eve's, I couldn't resist. I apologize if this offends anyone in any way. Glossary of Hebrew terms (italics) at the end of the story. Comments and critiques welcomed. Enjoy!

All Hallows Eve

N Furman

It is not all about Trick-or-Treating

The Real Creation Story

Adam Weber

um...see title


Eve Peters-Campbell

I don't write much poetry, but every now and then one kind of falls out, I revise it a half dozen times till I'm relatively h appy with it or until I can't bear to look at it, put it away, adn think of it no more for the next few years. The one I wrote at work a little while ago, few weeks maybe, and I really wasn't feeling depressed when I wrote it- just thoughtful. I just had this really cool image of a dream shower like a meteor shower and started writing, took on different form after a verse adn I started over. So here tis. The rhythm's a bit hard to find, but it is there...

Chronicles of Five:Bolmerian Forest, Chapter 2: And Then There Were Five

Jenine Urquhart

Ah! I don't like this chapter! It's to... stupid! Oh well I'll revise it soon but I'm to lazy at the moment. OK, in this chapter another addition is added to the dream team and Osiris discovers he has an unusual gift.

Fruit of Knowlege of Good and Evil

LeilaniGrace Gonzaga

I actually did this for English homework, though I got really into writing this. We were suppose to chose a character from Genisis and rewrite it into first person. I wrote about the snake cause I've always wondered why the snake would do such a thing. I got more in depth with this even though its short.

History of the Dryad (Chap 4 beginning)

Dana Caldwell

I finally filled in the gap between this and the beginning of the story... So now the conversation has a little more context.

The Life Of Eve

E. Aust

Another small story. This one represents alot to me. I understand my mistake. I called Eve a virgin while talking of her children. I decided not to change it because her virginity to me means something quite different.

The Paranormal Persons' New Year's Eve Party

Amy Schley

Another story staring everyone's favorite undead tax attorney. Ted and Gigi go the ball, but nothing goes quite as planned. We learn more about Ted as well as some of the other folks in the Paranormal community. All song lyrics are property of their respective owners.

The Legacy: The Tavern

Amanda Morris

A young woman over comes her past and finds love and friendship in a land of evil and darkness.

The Flower of Fern

Maria Elmindreda L

The flower of fern is a very common theme in Slavic mythology. This story gives a view from the other side of the flower, so to speak. Read, and find out what the mystical flower can grant you!