A Brook of Frozen Glass

Leigh Erickson

Hmm... not quite sure how o describe this one... might blossom into something bigger... I quite like Ilieth... but anyway... this is for Gabs for either 500 or 750th commenter status... though I think she got both... regardless... it's for her and I'm glad to do as such! Oh yes... one warning before you begin... I think I dub this the darkest of my writings...

King's Man (Tale of a Tavern Girl) chapter one

Deborah Sax

I am not certain yet where this is going, but it will certainly be an adventure and likely one rich with cliches and melodrama. How I love cliches and melodrama... I did edit this myself, but likely missed things. If anyone catches grammatical or spelling errors, or inconsistency, please let me know.

Dark Saga

Samantha Peterson

This is the main story about the Unicorns of Lusture. It follows a young warrior mare through her growing up to be a mighty warrior. The original title was 'Bring on the Rain'.

The Forest of Ciradan

Samantha Peterson

This is a basic legend of Lusture, the world of the unicorns. It tells the story of the First Warriors, the atumanan, and Ciradanorin.

Wing Deposed...

Rocco Davis

BlackWing's bitter exile from his clan...

Dawn of Twilight

Joshua Price

I wrote this on 9/19/2006. It was rather a spur of the moment piece, but it turned out very well. This story depicts my former persona, who slowly became his own character, just like Zeradar Kerrinor, Varus Dragonfire, and Isaac Tigerheart before him. While you do not need to, reading The Beginning of the End before this may clear some questions. Though for those of you who did, yes both pieces don't agree on some parts, and thats purposeful. On some other notes, this is my first story in a very long time without any combat. Its also was the shortest piece I had written for quite awhile. However, I am highly satisfied with how it turned out, so much in fact that I consider it my best piece that I wrote in 2006. And before you put your mind in a gutter and ask, the love mentioned in the story is like that between a father and a son, or any other pair of family members. UPDATE 1/15/07: Ok, maybe not a major enough update to warrant caps. Basically reduced the white space, corrected some typos, and changed a few words to make things a bit clearer.

3 : Castle Caran

Milla Lindqvist

Now we find out just how much trouble Sares did cause by saving Windsong's life.

The Faithful

Emilie Finn

I meant to write a nice little short story for Christmas. Instead the Brats sprang into my head, and the entire town of Traderston took the story and ran with it! The result is a fairly complex look at the Lauralian resistance movement under Arcanian rule. Set before events in The Restoration. For my Godsibs.


Oliver Baldwin

Elsmir is a centuries-old other-worldly creature who was driven to insanity, causing her to be exiled from her homeland.

Illusion Chapter 2

Allyson Cowan

And the continuation of the first one...hmm, a demon and an angel...there is quite a twist coming along the line.

Wyvern’s Project Three

Andreas Fog-Morrissette

Better late than never they say, had some difficulties getting this up (file didn't work) hope it does now. At an unspecified point in Crescentia's future the dread Damardhel return from their exile, led by the fierce Grand Captain Valcain. However when Valcain returns to the shores of his ancestors he must confront the ghosts of his past. I'm very happy that I was included in the Wyvern's Project, though I must admit I'm not quite pleased with the result. Starting late I feel that the story became too rushed, and feel unfinished. Having only read it through once it is probably filled with errors, but for all its apparent faults it has one great advantage over most of my stories: it is finished! Something I do not accomplish often enough for my own liking.

Dripping Red Candles

Erin McDonald

A little horror story I wrote in the 8th grade I believe. It always amazed me how I managed then to write horror that, for an eigth grade level, was fairly good I'm told. I cannot write horror anymore. In the 8th grade we had words we were sapposed to fit into a paragraph, mine ALWAYS turned out to be small stories.

Curses & Thieves (chapter 2)

Christina Lovse

It is 4 years after the terrible curse was placed on the Princess Gwendolyn. Her parents have done everything they could to get it removed to no avail. Now they can only think of one last thing to do...

Exiled - Ch. 1

Samantha Baun

Agris is a warrior who now must face life as an exile. I took some advice and changed the dragon to monoke, a creature of my own creation (I came up with it nearly four years ago). I also tried at add more depth to the plot. I think that it is a vast improvement, and hope you all agree! *Updated July 19, 2004*

13th Signet - Chained

Anitta Hiekkanen

This is the first part of the story of Neria, an angel exiled from the Realm of Light.


Trista Salum

I wrote this after I read the book Blood and Chocolate. It gave me the idea to use a werewolf but that was about it. It's about wanting someone but not being able to have them. Has anyone else ever felt like that?


Daniel Nolan

A group of exiled mutants want to take revenge on the humans that exiled them long ago.

The Faithful II

Emilie Finn

Continues the story of Zara, Johan and Glory and the Brats.

Snippet: Colin & Ellena

Emilie Finn

A snippet about Colin and Queen Ellena. This takes place some time after Wyvern's Project One.

Snippet: Karen

Emilie Finn

A snippet containing bits of Karen's life before the events described in Wyvern's Project Two.