The Chosen (part one)

Bethan Jones

Have i started the story in the middle? Inevitably yes! This isn't really a serious story its just a bit of fun that i've been writing with my friends. The basic idea is that the six of us are genetic creations with super powers and that we are fighting against the organisation that created us in order to stay alive and stop any other experiments. Other than that there isnt really much of a back story, so just enjoy it!!!

The Chosen (part two)

Bethan Jones

Yes i could just copy and paste what i wrote for part one but i'm not going to, so you'll just have to read that part first to find out what on earth is going on ;) Or if your like me you could just go with the flow and leave a nice comment even if you didnt understand any of it :D

'Epic Tale' chapter 1

Caitlin Lander

First chapter of my 'Epic Tale' (working title, if you couldn't tell). This one actually shows you who the characters are on a basic level... *NOTE* any time you come across something in brackets (as in or such), it denotes that I haven't come up with a word for that object, or have edited something for uploading purposes

Earth Birth

Charlotte Geier

Imagine a young alien scientist fashioning anew world for a plaything; or perhaps it's for a school scienc exhibit.

The Xenomorph Experiment 1

Jason Romein

The first part of my first real success in science fiction, and for that matter, my first true story with a beginning, middle, and end (that exceeded ten pages). This is also the second writing of this one, and is far superior to the first (which was on lined paper)

Script : 'The Twins' (Working Title) - Act 2

Richelle Morris

This is Act Two of my script. It is based on this, which is the second chapter of my first ever Science-Fiction story.

Script : 'The Twins' (Working Title) - Act 1

Richelle Morris

This is the first act of a script I'm writing, partially for University, partially for myself. It's based on the story I already have, currently here. This piece is based in a world where cloning and genetic manipulation is no longer the debatable problem it is for us. A Doctor wants to becoem rich and famous, so he decides to create the perfect human. Unfortunately for him, in true Science-Fiction style, something goes horribly, unexplainably wrong. Keep checking back for more... I'll get there eventually! UPDATE: 23/05/2004. Well, I've learned some more html, and how to save things as html from notepad, so, yay, it's finaly working how I wanted it to.


Linda Billson

Well, this is a short story I entered for a writing contest. I really like the main character, and I hope to write more about him.But for now, here's his introduction! Until I can get myself in gear with other stories I should be doing... Feedback is always appreciated. 

Elryn: Chapter 1

Brian Saul

Spurred on by a good friend of mine, this was started many a year ago. What was planned as just a short story has since turned into a substantially bigger project than I ever intended.  For that I am glad, because I thoroughly enjoy writing this.Tis a tale involving plenty of magic, wielded in the capable hand of Elryn, my little one armed mage girl.Hope you enjoy it. :)

Shattered dreams..

Jen OCarroll

A small piece inspired by cliche anime series and a short story I wrote when I was young... there was a character in it... an outcast android, abandoned because he was too 'human'. um... yeah... so this is really just a back story.. i may expand the idea to a character or something.. *shrugs*


Kevin Richter

It's the story of human survival after the end of the world. It is a world incapable of war, violence, jealousy...a place where all is in peace...or is it?

Sequel to Death to the Unknown

Kayleigh Adamek

Here is that sequel to 'Death to the Unknown'...hope you like it! Most people said it was better than the original - what do you think? :)

Tales from the Faerilands - Cormyr's Dream (Part 2)

Suzanne Collins

Cormyr starts on a journey to find the source of his dreams, and finds something far worse than he ever imagined.


Rachel Miller

This is a short story that I had an idea for. This is the only part actually written. It's called vocabulary because I had a list of vocab words from class, and wanted to try and write them into something... and this is what happened! :3

GGC - Part I - 8 - Disastrous

Marlena Cannon

'Promise you won't hate me? Part of him shied from confiding in her, though he longed to release the thoughts that raged beneath the surface of his consciousness.' Turmoil of the soul and on the high seas.


Luca McWild' Beltrami

This is more of an exercise than a true story. If I ever complete it it's going to be a short story about an assassin in an hipotetic future (about 2050) with a very messed up mind. Enjoy this for now. I'm going to repost it soon with some changes because right now I'm not really happy with it.

The Forgotten Legacy(p1)

Daniel Lix

It is the year 2085. Stronghold, a vast city that covers most of California is a place rife with crime and outright urban warfare between gangs and rival corporations. A world desperately in need of heroes..

IRU: Command Part 1

Jason Lee

IRU can stand for 'I Request Utopia' or 'In Resistance United', depending on how you would like to interpret this piece as it moves along. I will be using this portion of the page to make miniature treatises explaining why I wrote each chapter, although I will not get into any specifics here. This is primarily an experimental piece for me, as I am not a science fiction writer (or even a writer) but I have decided to aim for something that goes outside the usual mold of scifi, without going so far to the extreme where it simply fits into the countermainstream mold. Thus, I have my first part, which only introduces some characters, and very little of the overall setting and plot. It is, however, my contention that the philosopher makes small contributions and that time collects these small pieces into something that can span a large range of ideas. Also, at the end of each part, I will be adding a parallel storyline, that takes place in the same setting as the main story of IRU, but in the focus of one specific character. In this case, the character is Blackjack, and it is told through his own perspective. This, however, does not mean that every concurrent story will follow this trend of perspective. I think I have kept you reading enough of my minitreatise, so I hope you enjoy the first part.

The Twins - Section One

Richelle Morris

This is my very first attempt at a Sci-Fi style story. This is only the first section, as I'm still working on the other's. Updated: 03/01/04.



Kind of a thought experiment. Not a typical sci-fi too, but I guess it could pass for belonging to that genre. Anyway, I would love to hear some comments of any kind, just want to know what you think about it. All the non-English phrases are translated at the end of the story in case you want/need that. Although for the most part I think everyting should be pretty clear.