Brown Eyes Passing

Eryn Rose' Wilkens

This is just one of those sappy romantic short stories which, as all sappy things go, ends in tragedy. Written in 1999.

Paradise In Flowers Bloom, Part II

Danielle Like A Fox' Foster

Walking through the rain one destined day, Ronin comes upon startling discoveries. Whispers in the wet streets of the mysterious city of Windrow brings a new meaning to 'Are you afraid of the dark?'

Her Ways

Heathyr Smith

Just a short little description I wrote of my alter ego in fantasy life, Katiana Steelhart Bourne Nashon. I like this story alot!


Samantha Fortier

I haven't got a chance to post any forbidden children, but this story (its only a start and I have no idea where its going) Came from a prompt from my creative writing class. Where you had to write about a character with a secret he doesn't want to tell

The Night 1 (Blacken Hero I Await)

Brandon Lee

In the eyes another a hero rides the lands

Eyes of Blood

Stephanie Kempson

A sci-fi story about human life on a another planet, and one girl's battle to stop history repeating itself. (It has been added to! and more to come very soon)

Visions of Shame

Carolyn F. Jong

I wrote this late one night. Alone in the dark, I saw the eyes...

Faery Games

Stephanie Walls

Short Story ~ COMPLETED: I can't explain this story. I was driving in my car and thought to myself, what sort of thing could travel as swiftly and as straight as a car. No animal in the world. The faeries found something that could.


Michael Darling


Eyes in the Dark (Poem)

Laura Korska

A short poem about someone stuck in a dark stone room with no doors. To me it has the feeling of a game, maybe some evil king throws people in there to see how long they can live. Inspired by a line from Star Trek TNG. I deleted this one by mistake also, so here it is again!

The Eyes of Gold (poem)

Kate Anderson

This one is kinda difficult to describe... But well, let's say it is like some immortal creature looking for a woman long since dead. The rythm was sometimes sacrificed to the rhyme, I belive - but, alas! it's never been an easy trade.


Jennifer Macvicar

i got the idea for this story when watching one of teachers click down the corridor. things just went on from there.

The Changed: Prologue

Michael Ballmann

The prologue to my current story: The Changed.

Come, my friend

Lianne Ratzersdorfer

This poem is about belief in magic, and growing up...

Sapphire Eyes Part Six: The City Of Caves

Athene Grele

Where you first realze how sweet and charming Sil is.... And the possiblities of Magick. (I love spelling it like that)

Eyes of Sky

Lydia Fleming

This is one of my newest stories. I wrote it for a friend's b-day. It is a little more romancy than I usually write. The plot is good though. If you have read 'A Lesson' and enjoyed it, you'll probably like this one too. Have fun! And keep smiling.

Earth Dragon

Liz West

I ran away, from that forest of trees. Should I travel back?

In the eyes of a dragon

Olivia Sinder

A short poem I thought about sitting one day in north Central Park.

The Fall, and Healing

Connie Miller aka Summer

This is the first chapter and second chapter of the story of my prolouge, 'A Single Tear'

Poem - Angel

Tyranus Malkave

A Poem about an Angel.