Rainbow Land (children's poem)

Alison Grills

I wrote this one when I was still pretty young myself. I hope to one day see it as a picture book - any artists out there interested in a collaboration?


Adam B. Ragg, or 'AdZ von Raggamuffin', or 'Adam Wragg, The Well-Known Typing Error'

A traveller tries to take advantage of an austistic boy with an imaginery friend, but soon ends up regretting it... (German to English translations in brackets, at the moderators' insistance.)

The Sun and Two Moons

Toni Kaukinen

A 'traditional' fantasy fable - traditional for that world, that is, not ours. *G*

Ring of Might

Holly Burpo

another fable...you know how I like them

How the season's came about.

Sarah Schaeffer

Here's a little story that ended up quite accident with a moral. Feel free to print it out and paste it on any one's door or computer it applies to. Moral of the story: if you dont do your job, yes the Earth will come to a crashing halt, and you will really make the other guys mad. :p

The Reinstag - Prologue

Minx Nindyn

How it all started. Edited on a seperate computer, so i hope i got everything. In which a small girl finds a friend in the most feral places of the world at an unexpected time.

The men who died because of pride

David Beaver

The short story I can remember writing, it tells the tale of two merchants in the frozen north seeking a rare material...the icalsy crystal. If they can find enough of it they can retire rich men, but the north is a dangerous place. Many trials await, but their true downfall comes from within themselves.

Silence is Dangerous

Erin Latimer

You may have heard that Silence is Golden, and I do not deny that vampires do look as good as gold, but they can sure be dangerous, too. . . . You have been warned. Copyright Erin M Latimer(C) July 2008

Mahou no Takai: Autumn

Mary Harrison

The second installment. I should proably tell you what the title means. It means 'Death of Magic' in Japanese.*^_^*

Mahou no Takai: Spring

Mary Harrison

The final installment. I like this part because I thought it was fun making up the children. Kids are cute--as long as they belong to someone else or are under the age of 2. ^_^

The Zebra

Claire Colvin

I wrote this story a long time ago late at night. I wanted to write a fable-type story and this is the first thing that popped out. There's lots of stuff wrong with it, but I don't really feel like going back and editing it, since its not a serious story.

Ragnhild and the Wolf

Christopher Manica

With vengeance is met oathbreaking - seek not the vengeance of the fae.

The White Fox

Anson Brehmer

When the dark forces rise, when tyranny rears its ugly head and the good folk of the world cringing beneath the heels of jack-booted sadists, the Society of the White Fox stands ready to strike a blow for free thinking, to preserve that precious resource that is the human spirit. The Society of the White Fox takes its name from an ancient fable about a Fox who learned just how precious freedom really is when all the other animals of the forest are captured by the King of the Ants, who puts them to work in order to make them live the way ants live, to bring peace to the forest at a terrible cost. Society members recite the story for potential initiates and, if the new member is sympathetic to the Fox's plight, they have the new recruit recite a vow. Presented here is the story they tell, and the vow of the White Fox Society. Have you heard the Parable of the White Fox yet, friend? (Last Update 7/8/04)

How to Compse a Sun

Amanda Bills

Ever wondered how our sun returns to the sky after each setting? Read this essay with the intructions on how to bring back the earth's life-giver. Written for Honor's English 2005 Portfolio assignment, the Creative Process How-to Essay.

The Last of Kind (Ext.)

Robin Morero

Short fantasy-style poem.

The Dreamer's Tale

Shawn Reed

Perhaps some of you wonder how the title has anything to do with the story... Well, this was originally a project I did for a composition class in high school. We needed to write a story in the fashion of a noted artist. I chose the only well-known medieval age writer. I consider myself a dreamer. Thus, this is the story I told.

Flower Fairy

Simon Pettersson

Brand new, this one. I like that malicious fairy, she's so full of spite.

Mahou no Takai: Summer

Mary Harrison

My little fable project for Creative Writing. I wrote it over the course of one weekend and have been picking at it since. Feel free to pick at it more. The entire story takes place over four seasons, and it starts out in the summer. So rather than posting the entire 14-page long story in one place, I split it up into the four seasons. Erh, okay, that makes sense only to me, proably. Oh well. Tell me whatcha think!! ^_^

Chickadee's Song - Chapter One

Dana Roth

Chapter 1, obviously. A little short, and not exactly heavy on explanation, but you kinda pick it up as you go along. The cat appears again at the end, but it focuses mostly on the two main characters for the actual story itself.

Fargthh's Curse

Erick Emert

This is a firesong sung when visitors stop in the village of Thelra before travelling through nearby Kyrrell Swamp. It depicts a tale of valor yet foolishness and serves as a warning to those who would enter Kyrrell with no thought to the dangers found there. Ahllie's Papa sang this song many times at local gatherings. As the singer, he used dramatic facial expressions and hand movements along with a clear, bold voice. {This poem was published by Freelance Writers Net)