Faerie Folk

Amy Jacobs

This is a poem about the fae.

The Selkie and the Blacksmith

Dolphin (a.k.a. Chris Rosenbaum)

This was a spur-of-the-moment inspiration, something that came to me one morning. It was one of those stories that ached to come out through my fingers onto the word processor. This story takes the myth of the selkie in a new direction from its traditional telling...

A Bard's Secret-Chap. 10

Lisa Harbin

Min's story is revealed.

Gift of the Fae

C. Thompson

If there is anything to be learned about life, it is to treat each day with the music, jubilance, and excitement like the fae. Yes, they have their own problems and such, but over all they are more care free than most anything else.

Tiny Voices, Tiny Wings

Amelia Greenfield

A little poem about faeries!

Underhill, Chapter 2

Heather Heathen' Wright

One of the rare and elusive second chapters of a story. And you know what? You know what?! I even have an idea of what I'm gonna put in the -gasp- third chapter! Eeeeeee!

Hunger -Poem

Elizabeth Avent

I wrote this because I was moved by a peice KI Johnson did. She is an awesome artist. Click here to see her drawing!!!!

Corrupt Power

Brianne Hughes

This is about Fae-witch halfbreed in a corrupt Elven world. She can be nasty but tends to be sweet on a daily basis with those she befriends. Enjoy. ~Hmmm.. I'm pretty happy with this one, I might wait a while before re-writing it. I have all those other ones to do...*glares at piles of stories* Criticism?^^~

Almost Forgotten

Briana Morris

A revised version of Silly's story

SHIFTERS: The Immortal Diaries-ch3

Brian Pennington

...chapter three....

The Fey Bride

Caitlin McKnelly

When I wrote this I was trying to imitate the style of ancient fae ballads such as 'Thomas the Rhymer'.


Carolin 'Dragoncat' Southern

A poem on fay. I got bored, so I wrote it in about 5 mins and decided it was OK, but not that good.

Gwenievere, Part Two

Chelsea Castonguay

Part Two of Gwenievere's story


Christopher Manica

Ware thee the twilight...

The First Butterfly*

Amber Silver

I am actually really proud of how this poem turned out. This is my second attempt at a poem in three days, after a two year hiatus! I tried to write a story of the exact same nature as this poem, but failing a completion, turned to poetry instead. This happened after I was inspired by Laura Hewett's poem, The Legend of the Fae. LOL, I hope you enjoy!!! Posted: October 9th, 2003 Updated: October 18th (Thanks everyone!) Moderator's Choice: October 15th, 03

Easy Pickings

Ben Marroquin

The following piece of horror flash fiction is based upon a character of a novel I'm currently working on; Seraph Hunters. It mixes the horror genre with the comic book genre. I hope you enjoy it.


Amy AmesĀ“ Perkins

Inspired by a word of the week prompt from a community over in LiveJournal, the prompt being, if you haven't already guessed, the word 'glamour'. I think I was the only person who shared that took this particular interpretation. Enjoy


A. teicher

Inspired by the Rp between the wonderful Ven and myself... *S* a moment of contemplation from a newborn sidhe...

The Fae Within 01

Heman Martin

The boy Corvin begins his journey with more questions than answers and strange encounters with things that he would much like to forget. Uploaded Sep 12 2002, Refurbished Jan 28 2003

Pixie Time

Victoria Phillips

Michievious pixies... enough said.