Bears and Chairs

Alison Grills

I had playschool on my mind and it kinda went off on a tagent from there.

Impulsive, part 1

Vitor Falleiros

This is the story of a somewhat powerful girl who needs a little help. I tried to make it quite light... I'm currently working on part 2...

Introduction to Untitled

Kelley Nicol

This is only the intro but read before reading the story! and it is only called untitle cause I have no title yet! Sorry! But i have to give props to my friend with help with some names! thanks nick!

The Ballad of Fair Rachael

Jessica Cannon

You ever heard the saying 'I had to laugh otherwise I would cry?' Well, this tells how the evil Billy tried to pinch us workers of our Anzac day holiday! *Gasp!* I was so amused by what actually happened, that I imagined a far away world of magic and beasts half man - half goat (billy, billy-goat, get it?) and imagined myself on that strange soil. Of course, in that strange soil I would have blasted the all heck out of everyone with a fireball by now but ah, well. Inspired by reading the saga lesson of Cohen the Barbarian with his Bard, and by watching Clueless, too. Not to be taken seriously! Yeah, B-man, I clicked Orc because I didn't know what else to classify the beast I made you! Take that!

The Elftale

H. Chute

Updated! (Joy!) Elves rule. Fairies... suck. Yet it's fairies who get all the fame! There are thousands, if not millions, of stories called 'fairytales'. So, I decided to give my beloved elves their very own 'elftale'. IMPORTANT: Just so it is perfectly clear to everyone, 'White Coral Bells' is not my own song, but a common folk song. Also, I understand that the fact that it's not indented makes it difficult to read. If anyone has advice on indenting HTML, I would greatly appreciate it if you would share your knowledge! Thanks!

Observations-The Fair

Lindsay Lockhart

I used to have a big long message to this involving how this story grew progressively odder but I quite enjoy it.

The Fair Folk

Cathrine Nelson

A young woman must solve a riddle given to her by her love inorder to free him from the fair folk.

A Little Riddle

Anastasia I-Morn-Gwathren

Well... a little riddle!

The Knight and the Maiden

Mercedes Boggs

It's a poem about a knight gone off to battle and the fair maiden who waits for him. I haven't written poetry for a very long time, so any comments would be warmly welcomed.

Shooting Stars

Kelly Scoffield

Did you ever wonder what shooting stars -really- were?

The Fair at Evar Tora

Scott Livingston

A story of intrigue and romance in a medieval-like setting. Geographically, it is set in the same world as my novel. 10-99

Taking Wing (poem)

Kate Jennings

A friend of mine was working on a series of stories about the fair folk who periodically enter and depart from our world - so I contributed this poem.

Profile: Fantasy World

Michael Volpini

Well people keep saying I should do with Hero and Villain, so, I figured, why not, I'll give 'em a world as orginal as they are :) hope you enjoy. Inspired by such works as Narnia and Shrek.

Lilia's Tale Part One Chapter Two

Laura Boyd

The story of Violet and Declan continues.

Hidden Elves

Robyn Petrik

I wanted to try out smoe different structures for poems, so I decided to try an ottava rima. The content didn't turn out the way I wanted it to, so some of it sounds a little awkward. But oh well... *sighs*

Elven Tears

Simon Pettersson

I once wrote a poem about a crying elf, but I lost it. This is a new one, and one I like better. The sentences are short and verses are spaced apart, giving it kind of a lightness (compare 'The Great Kings of Old').


Vicki Nemeth

When I was very young, there was an ice storm one day. I remember standing under a birch tree and looking up through the layer of ice weighing on the branches, sparkling in the sunlight. Then Dad would take a broomstick and hit the branches 'CRASH' to knock the ice off so that it wouldn't go fall on me without him knowing. This childhood memory is so important to me that it will always permeate my imagination. So it's fitting, especially since I'm an abstract thinker, to write such a far fetched, and hideously cute, fable. Edition completed April 20th, 2004.

Elven Fair

Christy Kassler

An elven princess falls in love with a handsome human