The Magic Kingdom

Melissa E. Dagley

Oh what a disaster this giant makes in the little fairy village

The Spider's Dare 1: The Spider's Dare

Seth Borer

I have this in poem form, and now Im changing it to story form, hence stanzas.

Fairies (Poem)

Elizabeth Wells

Well, I wrote this when I was like 12... This was before i realized that i couldn't write poetry to save my life. I discovered that a half a notebook full of terrible poetry later. To make a long story short, this is the only piece of poetry i've written that i like. So here you go.

N. Bonina

Princess Fye grew frusterated with royalty and decided to visit Earth. After all, anything's better than having to listen to all those lectures, right? She soon finds that Earth is not as safe as she expected.

Faeries in the Garden

Kirstin Bell

This is a poem i wrote for a cousin of mine. She was about 7 at the time and loved Faeries, i gave her this to remember me by when she went home to Scotland. She loved it, i hope you guys do!

To The Wayward Woods And Back

Febra returns to her homeland to search for her mother. She doesn't find her, but unknowingly helps someone else.

Vampires, werewolves and witches 2

Annabell Uhrich

This is the second installment this time, well just read it. It's good, better than the first.

Nature's Party

Silvia Fuechsel

A short poem I wrote last year for English. For class I had to edit out the magic components, but I've readded them. This poem represents my anger at the world for the destruction of Nature by humans.


Carolin 'Dragoncat' Southern

A poem on fay. I got bored, so I wrote it in about 5 mins and decided it was OK, but not that good.


Christopher Manica

Ware thee the twilight...

The Meeting

Amber Turner

Kaiki the faerie and Prince Carenick the elf must save their friend and her love from the evil Tripe, a group of dark faes. Thank you to Chelsea Blem for helping me in the development and dialogue of Prince Carenick.

The Toymaker's Workshop

Anson Brehmer

The old church sat, closed to all except the eccentric caretaker, who lived in the old theater and had made it his home and place of business. And what a business it was! What wonders will you find in Mr. Silver's workshop? And what horrors?

The Fairies of the Dawn

Anniina Jokinen

The Song of the Raindrop Fairies

Anniina Jokinen

There is a melody to which this can be sung, but I am not savvy enough to transcribe it myself.

Verses Three-(Love,Unicorns, and Faeries)

Lainey Welsch

Never was quite too happy with the way the first stanza came out. I'm working on changing it. Any suggestions?

The Lone Wild Heart: Chapter 10 - The Transformation

Christina Stoppa

I can't believe how much fairy tongue I've made up! I had to come up with more fairy toungue for this chapter alone than I have for the rest of them combined! Well anyways, in this chapter, Arcturus undergoes a transformation, as the title states. Enjoy!

Winter Garden

Iris Joyner

This is a little poem I wrote while drawing a picture for my character Talis. He's an elf that was an orphan, walked into town all covered in blood, rejected by everyone except a rich half elven woman who hands him over to a kind old lady. Later he freezes the town as well as the WHOLE 5 thousand acre countryside. The poem mainly relates to his past and the garden he owns in memory.

Ages and Eons

J. Coates

This is the creation myth of the realm which I created for role playing on the net. Visit the Faewood Forest .

The Uglisest Princesses

richard laws

Meet Bob the fairy and Crumple-split-skin the un-moisturiesd gnome as they embark upon a plan of evil and nasty revenge on the cultures that made them outcast. See how they terrorise not only thier own kind, but also the human race and several birds as well.

Hudohii's Guide--Chapter 1

Anna Dobrowolsky

A dragon and her Guide, upon being separated and then reunited, only wish to return to their home, but are suddenly thrust into a fight for their; initiated by the ravaging god that rules them all. The question is, can they calm his fires and restore peace to the chaotic world? Translations of this text: “Ta fe grandei loc! Espir ui ay sontapharina cail embrak etoir! ” ---One is greatest alone. The spirit of the dragon will hold (haunt) you for eternity--the beginning to a warrior's hymn.' 'Firis teccoreles'--fire tentacles, or literally, throwing fire.