Story of the Fey

Christina Bailey

This story is a tale of a lonely girl, and a fifties style groovy cat little winged man named Riley. Soon to have a sequel.

The Princess and the Dragon

Kent Cordray

This is a short story which we wrote in eighth grade and reedited in ninth. We think it is sun but is not at all serious. It is mostly just some silly fun and hopefully you will enjoy it. Gilia is primarilly responsible for this one.

Miss Hashby

Janelle Whitehead

Immogene Hashby is to find a suiter, Charlie is a lifelong friend that loves her too much to realize it, and even if he did figure it out, he'd have the competition of elves, wizards, fairies, and other magical creatures. Please help me finish this! ...Or just push me to finish it. Thanks!

The Sidhe Revenge- prologue

Daniel Rehbehn

Everyone knows the myths about the mysterious race that once inhabited Ireland and how they disapeared. What would happen if they came back?

Dryad: Chapter 1

Dana Caldwell

Okay, not an original title... This is a continuation of Dryad, the Dryad story itself being the introduction. It will certainly be a work in progress. Stop by every so often to see if I've updated it

Journal of Queen Laural

Emilie Finn

This fragment was found by King Hawkins of Lauralia, whose passion for finding and preserving history became widely known, both during and after his reign. He created the position of Royal Chronicler, which he awarded first to his scribe, Young Lord Elron of the Eastern Woods, only two years after his coronation as king.

Silver Winged Lady

Erin Murphy

I found an image of a little silver haired and winged fairy, sitting on a tree branch in the snow a while back and I fell in love with it. I wrote this story about her.

Happily Ever After

Eve Peters-Campbell

Have you ever dreamed of living the fairy tales? Of riding off into the sunset with the perfect other, whether knight in shining armor or beautiful damsel newly-out-of-distress, and living, as they say, happily ever after? Well, what if the happily ever after wasn't quite all it was cracked up to be....

Fairies (Poem)

Elizabeth Wells

Well, I wrote this when I was like 12... This was before i realized that i couldn't write poetry to save my life. I discovered that a half a notebook full of terrible poetry later. To make a long story short, this is the only piece of poetry i've written that i like. So here you go.

The Sleeping Castle

Jessie Fleischfresser

My own take on 'Sleeping Beauty.' Sick of waiting for your prince to come? Might be time to take matters into your own hands.

Gift of the Fae

C. Thompson

If there is anything to be learned about life, it is to treat each day with the music, jubilance, and excitement like the fae. Yes, they have their own problems and such, but over all they are more care free than most anything else.

Down on my Luck

Crystal┬┤-una┬┤ Rodriguez

Driving home from work on day, I happened to read one of the street bums holding a sign up to the stopped traffic 'Down on my Luck, could you spare a buck?' And i laughed, thikning how cute the rhyme sounded, got home and wrote a fractured fairy tale about Lady Luck.

50thC Part 1

Ben Ward

This is my main project. About the world in the 50th Centruary. In this future world magic, fairies, aliens, preternatural creatures, they all exist. The story follows Amber, the daughter of a fairy and human, and Cruor, a very powerful and very smart teenage sorcerer and how their lives dramatically change when they are forced together by 'chance'. It is a working progress and the whole of the story is not yet complete but parts one to three form the first 'section' of the story. If you find any bad mistakes or some things do not make sense then I will try to rectify them.

Tiny Voices, Tiny Wings

Amelia Greenfield

A little poem about faeries!


Dubhdara Field

The faeries of the Elfwood forest greet the morning.

*The Fairy Tales* Prince Charming

Lauren Christine

This is the second in my fairy tale series, and it is a retelling of Snow White. This is another one that I had to delete, and I also lost all the comments on this, but they were none the less appreciated. ^_^ I hope you enjoy it!

*The Fairy Tales* Purple Cutians

Lauren Christine

This is the third, and most.. err... interesting (?) one of the fairy tales series. It is a retelling of Sleeping Beauty, and to help you understand it a bit better, Sleeping Beauty speaks first. ^_^

Faeries in the Garden

Kirstin Bell

This is a poem i wrote for a cousin of mine. She was about 7 at the time and loved Faeries, i gave her this to remember me by when she went home to Scotland. She loved it, i hope you guys do!

The Fairy and the Goblin (part 2)

James Mills

An epic fantasy poem about the trials of a fairy and a Goblin who need to prove their love.

The secret downfall

Georgina Gilbert