What They Deserved

Elethia Rex

About a werewolf angered at the sight of a dead wolf.

Dark Nights, chapter 5

J. Hillman

Damian and Jack (and Lynne) fight to save the world.

Night of the Silver Kiss

Jenessa David

This is a simple tale of how one is changed into one of the incredible nightstalkers known as vampires. After 'Eternity' was submitted to poetry.com and published, I was asked to submit another poem for another book of theirs, and this is what I sent them. Hopefully they will like this too. Just a quick note on the title because I have been asked about it in the past...for those of you who don't know, when a vampire bites someone, it is called either the Embrace or the Silver Kiss. I chose 'Night of the Silver Kiss' because I thought it would sound nice and mysterious. ^_^

The Curse: Part I

Sarah Loch

This is the first part of a story I've had brewing in my mind for some time now. Let me know what you think. Part II to follow soon. 9/6/01 Update: I edited the story a little for ease of reading, and, if I'm really good, I may get Part II uploaded today. Soon, anyway.

Kiss of Death

Carrie no.

this is another one of those cheesy types, like that angel stuff . . . i guess some go for that kinda stuff tho, enjoy if you can:) i like vampires;)

The Huntress (part 2)

Elethia Rex

Another installment in the life of Lillith. This one was written in three hours. I haven't edited it so it may need a bit of work.

Flesh Of Her Flesh (poetry)

Elethia Rex

A poem about a vampiress feeding on someone who was close to her during her mortal life.


Amanda Johnson

I wrote this for a school assignment and it was supposed to be a free-verse shape poem *hisses* I wasn't happy. Almost at the point of wipping out a hokey circle poem I was suddenly and almost literally hit with a lightbulb brainstorm. How in the world could 'I' right something like that. I couldn't believe that I had almost conformed. My classmates would have been shocked to say the least.So, this is the result of my on switching. It was originally shaped like a fang. Needless to say I didn't let my classmates down

Moonlit Fangs

Ashley Hanna

This is another entry I did for a writing contest. I run the writing contests on the message board at which I visit, so I usually enter them too. I try to write fantasy entries so I can add them to my wonderful ElfWoodie library too. :p

The hated love of a parasite

Georgina Gilbert

Dark Nights, chapter 4

J. Hillman

If you don't know Damian and Jack, then go to the beginning.

The Undead Blues

Mike McLennan

One of my characters that I play is an almost blind, vampire blues musician. Nearly-Blind-Dog Murphy wrote this song in around twenty five minutes. (Excuse the fractured structure.)

Birth of a vampire

Kai Slettebø

This was meant to be a poem of a vampires birth, and how its life out folds. But I came to a point where it just stopped... Maybe I'll finish this one day.... The day has come, I feel it sort of falls under the same plae mood as most of my work but, hey! that's me, you ither like it or you hate it. but enough ranting, read it and be sure to gimme some comments, they always make my day. Good or bad that's up too you.

Daddy Says

Jennifer Sisa

Abouta girl who is told not to believe and dies at the hand of a vampire


Sandra Wheeler

“She has got to be the coolest girl on earth...” Lena seems too good to be true. Everything about her is perfect, from her beautiful eyes to her all-too-available status. But when Sean attempts to change that status, he finds that everything is not what it seems...


Jamie 'Z' Dunn

vampires...in a poem! but u can figure that out

The Huntress (part 1)

Elethia Rex

A vampiress hunts for her next meal.

Dark Nights, chapter 2

J. Hillman

chapter two here we go

Run Oh Run Faster

Kristie Baker

Poem Describing Epic Flight from The Demons Of Hell

The Serpent's Lethel Kiss/ The Angel's Binding

Stephanie Maynard

Another recent work of Morta's story. Notcie how I'm jumping all around with the order? ;) Anyhow, wrote one stanza of the poem, got stuck, had insomnia waiting for the new HP movie and this is what resulted. Yay for insomnia! It cures all my writer's blocks!