Phantasy As Wrought By Feral Lust


Looking back on my poetry written in the past year, I'm sensing a definite theme. Love, blood and subtle sex. This poem, albeit serious in nature, is underlined by my current abhorration for 'gothic poetry.' Really, these themes get played out too much. :) Don't worry, this is a fairly clean one.

Portal of My Mind

mironda burch

An English sonnet


John Butler

Fatanstic is the adjective form of the word Fantasy. So in some sense, Bob Smith is a very Fantastic man In others, he is far from it.

My Dreams by Chrissi w

chrissi phillups

 i also worte this jr year i wrote for a grade in english 3 when we werecovering poetry we had to make a small book of of poems on one subject not love not cars or sprots but somthing any thing els we wanted we had to colect somany poems and were alwoed to write one our selves if we wanted  i saved this  stored it under my book case were most almy paper work is stored god knows what all i have under there , anyhow i wanted to show a freind on face book after reading it to my nieghbor who siad publish it i wasnt sure about that so i typed it up and the decided i wanted to post it on here to see what realy talented people like you guys thought, also if you notice on both items i have posted i havent listed any insperation its because these are personal things coming from my own likes and my own fantasies that dnt realy come out of a book it kinda someof it came from every day life soo yea ther you go