Chapter Two: The Passing of the Sword

Angela Fraga

An Aeneid'alan prince deals with the difficulty of responsibility, honor, and destiny.

Chapter 3 (The Gift)

Joanna Wu

A mysterious package...more about the the story continues

Dead boy's Letter

Anne Schjerven

This came to me in a dream, strangely not ask, just read if you dare...

Little One

Daniela Doyne

Dear LORD! She writes poetry as well?! Yes, she does. Quite horrible as well. Not that it matters. This is pretty old, but I still like the basic message it gives. Friend of mine said it reminded her of some greek legend of some sort, but I can't remember which one.

The Final Farewell - Aftermath

Tawny Marlowe

Her Dark Angel at last comes to find what she left behind, and his heart breaks for the loss of his Dark Butterfly... but he eventually comes to understand that she will always be with him.

Taking Wing (poem)

Kate Jennings

A friend of mine was working on a series of stories about the fair folk who periodically enter and depart from our world - so I contributed this poem.


Shuo Chen

This was written under moonlight. Literally. I was supposed to be asleep then and so I didn't dare turn on any lights. Separated from a beloved friend by distance....


Brittany Sparks

'Tis a sad day when such an innocence can be shattered by the unfeeling carelessness of her fellow humans. This was a try at a different way of writing for me, I don't know how well it turned out.

A Brief Farewell

Iréne Nilsson

Welcome to a celebration in Ator's honor

Silver Glory

Julia Douglas

An old attempt at poetry. Maybe I'll try again some time, but for now... I think I'll just stick with prose. This was inspired by a picture in the art section, which showed a unicorn making its way into the water to die.

Greeting to the morning

Sebastian Meusel

I hope I translated it well enough to explain itself. ;o) This story was inspiered by 'Caoineadh Cú Chulainn' a wonderfull tune from the 'Riverdance' Show. If you have it, listen to it while reading this story. Trust me... it works.


Maleah Schmitke

The third of my character intros. Again, it doesn't seem finished and could almost be a prologue but I would like feedback on it anyway so please do comment. Cheers

The Three, the meeting.

Rian Sanderse

Here the three friends are meeting each other. just a bridge between Vienna (which I am not done writing) and the rest of the Three stories.


Laura Chase

'Parting is such sweet sorrow.'

Chosen Gifts - Chapter Three

Carrie Miller

In this chapter, Eilayna says goodbye to Bel Ahnohl, and begins her journey to the King's City.