Taken Back

Lisa Rogers

For the fantasies in us all.

Into The Dark

Summer Latimer

This story is really long so I'm posting it little by little...hope you like it.

Into The Dark (comtinued)

Summer Latimer

well...here's more of my story...I like how it is turnning out so far

In Between Time (ch1 incomplete)

Nick Tremblay

Behind every door lies heaven. Under every rock awaits hell. Gods, Demons, Angels, Faries, and Spirits all walk amongst us. They have their own business they attend to and what better meeting place for everyone to talk shop at then Earth?

Storybook caution

Tricia Sales

Three young ladies learn it is not wise to mess with the fae.  Written for the Echoes of Elfwood competition and inspired byhttp://www.elfwood.com/~beverlyann/Renaissance-.2569768.html 

Mahou no Takai: Autumn

Mary Harrison

The second installment. I should proably tell you what the title means. It means 'Death of Magic' in Japanese.*^_^*

Mahou no Takai: Spring

Mary Harrison

The final installment. I like this part because I thought it was fun making up the children. Kids are cute--as long as they belong to someone else or are under the age of 2. ^_^


Harriett Randall

Introduction into/excerpt from the role-playing world of BethicaThe love story between an Orcan king and his dragon bride turns tragic when his paranoia splits the family and leads to murder.

Mahou no Takai: Summer

Mary Harrison

My little fable project for Creative Writing. I wrote it over the course of one weekend and have been picking at it since. Feel free to pick at it more. The entire story takes place over four seasons, and it starts out in the summer. So rather than posting the entire 14-page long story in one place, I split it up into the four seasons. Erh, okay, that makes sense only to me, proably. Oh well. Tell me whatcha think!! ^_^

Forsaken: Part 7 Showdown

Hillary Kent

Hello again!  At long, long last, here I am, back with the long promised next chapter to Forsaken.  Sorry about the extended wait, but, hey, at least its here now. :)In this part, we hear a lot more answers and a lot less new mysteries (finally).  Most important of all though, we FINALLY find out who Terien really is.  Read on for the rest, and don't forget to let me know what you think. Part 8, and the conclusion to the Forsaken will follow shortly...

The Lost Treasures of Zambioan

Amber Maberry

Also written by Jesse Neubaur. This is a story about Ulysseus and his 3 companions. It has a lot of twists and turns in it, and hopefully, if I can get to a scanner, I hope to include a map of the dungeon they are in later in the story. This document contains chapters 1-3.


Christie Lovat

This is the beginning of a story I started writing when I discovered that almost every origional idea had already been thought up by someone else. So this is my attempt at writing something completely origional. (Hey, I'm a very optomistic person) Anyway I hope you people reading this like it and don't hold it's weird storyline against it ;)

Forsaken: Part 5 The Forgotten City

Hillary Kent

Part 5, just as part 4, is was also completed this weekend--after much banging my head against the keyboard.  In which we meet: a fairy, a ruined elfin city, and another murder.  More about the elf, more about the girl, and generally more about the plot, is also included.  Feel free to chastise, condemn, admire, hate, criticize, or generally turn into a soppy fan, as long as you tell me about it at the end. 

Fairy Ring

Sara DeSolano

You probably know what it's like to wish that this world contained magic. And, you may have even done something ridiculous or illogical trying to find it. This is a story about that longing.


Autumn Miller

A short poem about the first look at a fairy

Soul Seeking Adventure

Megan Butcher

This is just a fun story I wrote one night when I couldn't sleep. It obviously still needs some work and is going to be an ongoing story. Comments are always welcome

Forsaken: Part 6 Breaking Away

Hillary Kent

Ok, so this is about as far as I have gotten at the moment with the legend of the Forsaken.  No, don't laugh, I really mean that.  Usually when I have chapter stories like this going I have it all completed, or am at least several chapters ahead of what I publish, before it is uploaded just in case I want to go back and tweak anything.  This time, however, I'm just putting it up here and waiving all tweaking rights.  The ending will come eventually, but I can't ever seem to set (or keep) deadlines when it comes to Forsaken, so I can't promise when.  What I'm trying to say is don't get your hopes up. Anyway, in this sixth and climatic chapter, several exciting things happen including: Vayrual storming at random people, Terien doing something rather rash (or perhaps he had the whole thing planned, you never really know with him), and Seril makes a completely irrelevent discovery.  Enjoy it, or not, at your own discretion. 

The Fairies' Dance

Malis Vitterfolk

The Fay folk dance around a circle of mushrooms. What more can I say.


Christie Lovat

Yah the second part! I guess if you're reading this part you like the first so Yay again! I'll stop talking now so you can read ;)

Daughters of Ora (Original Prologue)

Liesel Booker

This is the original prologue for my current novel 'Daughters of Ora' (formerly 'The Half-Fairies' - a title I hated). It was written for Creative Writing class...and not exactly well recieved. Anyway, this is how Stephan and Neru first meet. Although I later decided to begin the story at a later point in time, I decided to post this prologue because I'm thinking of making this into a prequel story that shows how the girls' parents got together.