The Insurrection

Eliza Hemington

I don't want to explain, but if you really must know, ask. I know it's odd, and to justify my insanity, it was for English class, so my teacher is the crazy one, and I wrote it with a friend. (A 2003 piece)


Brandy May

This is the prequal to another story called 'Attack,' but it was actually written after 'Attack.' I wanted to focus on character sketches, so this one's pretty light on action and the ending is fairly unremarkable and unoriginal. I do think the characterization came out well, though.

Return of the Raven Chapter One (A Tavern Wench)

Ariel Lewis

In this first chapter we meet Siendre Kinechi a farm-girl of seemingly simple roots, who is dreading a new job working with her friend as a waitress in a tavern.

Torn - Chapter 5

Nina Roussakova

Okay, this is more or less an introduction to Raphael's new place. You get to know him better, that's for sure! It is also a lot about Acaia, and her 'witchy' problems.

Maradon 03 - Helpless

Peter Sunnergren

The story continues and takes a turn of events that Erlan can not prevent.

Fallen Sun: Chapter 2

Zeeken Buchanan

From out of the leaves came a tall, thin creature which froze the two boys in their place. Its skin was the colour of a deep bruise, giving it a distinct odder. On its face were a series of warts, torn open and bleading.

The Fallen Moon Part 1

Jake Diebolt

Eleven years after the Moon's Fall, Sorrowdale is the last vestige of human civilization on Goddsfall. Their rebellion against the extending reach of the Rune Lord G'rell has not faltered, despite the terror of their foes. But Rost Grimhand, once a high priest of Asgath, is about to drag the war into a new phase... This story picks up more than a decade after the events of Godhunter XV: The Moon's Fall. There's a lot going on, in this chapter and the next, but I swear it will get less confusing soon!

Ch. 1st - The ranch of Dulenlam


What happens when a young thief falls in love with the wildest alicorn stallion many have ever seen ? How much will it take for Elobrost to listen to her at last ? Introducing of the main characters and beginning of an epic journey.

Ch. 3rd - The soothe of Elobrost


Even though Nairéna and Elobrost lived a few days alone together, the stallion is far from being tamed and will not abandon his wilderness. And why is Wshnam acting is such a mad way these days ? Is he hiding something that should be known to all ?

Moonlit Fangs

Ashley Hanna

This is another entry I did for a writing contest. I run the writing contests on the message board at which I visit, so I usually enter them too. I try to write fantasy entries so I can add them to my wonderful ElfWoodie library too. :p


Maleah Schmitke

Again, another character intro. It should find its way into the main story. Hopefully I'll get what I have of that up soon. Please post feedback. Cheers

Ch. 5th - Elucidations


Where all is finally revealed and brought to light. But did Nairéna survive what Fair Feather did not ? And what of the terrible monster of fire and blood, and his creator, Arion the black alchemist ?

A Forgotten Memory

Rosemary Runyan

A story of a runaway elven noble and a human farmboy, and what happens to them when her parents come looking for her.

Darken, Times of Syn

Regina Ratliff

'Four books to guard the gate, Of shadow lands, the Order wait. Fate turns to a syn of one, Hunted by shadows, cursed by none. Seven born of many, untouched by time, Become united with the heart of divine. The heavens weep the human sea, Send the seven to conquer three. On high witness stand they watch with clear eyes, For a moment in forever where darkness lies.' The story of Karasyn, and the 1000 year battle.

False Heir: Chapter 4

Katie Hallahan

Chapter 4 of False Heir, a story in progress. A threat on Scira's life leads to a late night escape for her, Niemh and Scira, despite the friction between the heir and the apprentice.

Journal of Jack Harvester

Rick Welsh

This is a background I did for my first character in the new edition of D&D. It's written from his perspective, and goes from March to December (only about 7 pages).


Martin H. Skorpen

This is the Prologue of my novel

Sarimuna: Ch 1 ~ The Wordings

Meredith Tucker

Chapter one of my ongoing fantasy novel in process, Sarimuna. Doesn't it alway seem that the Wording Season on the Ngyuen farm is just ridden with bad luck? Well, maybe.

New Earth

Renee Landkamer

This was what the Fantorin series started as, but I didn't particularly like it, and scrapped the idea, but this is the beginning of it, anyway.

False Heir: Chapter 5

Katie Hallahan

Chapter 5 of False Heir, a story in progress. The pair make their first stop in a small town, while their absence is discovered, and get into trouble with themselves and with someone else.... NOTE! This chapter was almost completely revamped from the previous version (03.26.03)