A Beginning...

Clayton McFarland

Just a piece that I was working on, and probobly won't get finished. It is only here because I needed to have one piece ready to finish signing up. More will be ready soon, and if it's liked, I may finsh this one. You never know.

Jestia: Vinestemmer

L. Price

This is a later one, about Vinestemmer... When the worlds of the Elves and Humans collide it seems that the Humans, who are in reality, knock offs of Elves, are the ones to blame.


Ethan Lawson

A young man is forced to become the leader of his village when the hunters die and the food supply has run out.

Three Dreams

Stephanie Forrest

No, I didn't really have these dreams. And for the life of me I can't remember why I wrote this, but I thought it was an interesting contrast to some of the other things I have posted so here it is.


Claire Roberts

This is about a girl where a spell is weaved on her in a dream to make her miserable, think bfg meets nasty evil guy. I don't really understand it myself either

chapter 9

Opal Parkison

This is another one that was removed for a while because I had been thinking about publishing my story... never mind that. The Children are taken to the house of Lebri and Feriluc before their journey continues. Aivren remembers some bad memories. This is a fairly short chapter.

The wars in heaven, and the screams from hell: Prologue

Daniel Beck

Before telling the tale of the wars in heaven, some things are required learning... Nothing too facy... But you should not judge this as a story written by a christian evangelist in the least sense of the word. this is a work of fiction, based on spiritual themes, it is only a coincidence they use some similar terminology... confused yet? Read the prologue and maybe you wont be :)

Traveling Partners

Kat McGrath

Okay, so this was a story I had up before, but somehow got deleted... So, here it is again.

A Shadow's Heart: Part One

andrew corey

can a shadow feel? can it have a heart?

The Fall Of The Dragon

Anna Holm

I think my dear prince has lost touch with reallity! His love, his reason for beeing alive on this earth, the princess has been kidnapped by a dragon and prince Ceron is bragging on and on about how great his revenge will be and how people will love him when he is done. Well prince Ceron I hope you know what you are talking about. The mountain of Horrondia isn't a place of meditating you know.


Cathin Yang

This is just something I wrote in my spare time. I like the idea of fear is like a vampire.

Darkness Lives ~Part One- Fear Of The Dark~

Angela Nordahl

This is the beginning of a series of dark fantasy stories, I published it before on here, but this is the final, edited, version.

Chapter 1 of Tools of Man

David Mountney

This is the first chapter of my story. I won't deal a lot with magic until about the third chapter so please be patient. I'll try to get the next two chapters up in the next couple of weeks. For the dictionary for this story go to: http://demo4amodiasart.bravehost.com/dictionary.html

Vampire Bride

Kaitlin Jones

A darker side of love...

Preface for Tools of Man

David Mountney

Umm... ya this is just the preface for the story I'm writing. Hopefully more will be up soon.

pure poison


A letter full of hate and pain... and blood

It's Coming (poem)

Jennifer Short

I've always liked this one. Kind of makes you want to turn around and look behind you.

The Phoenix Arrow: Prologue

Amanda Robinson

Kalika, wielder of the Phoenix Arrow, a weapon born in the fire of pure magic. It grants luck where it will, and always, has remained loyal to her. But it creates its own kind of luck and not even she comprehend what it is giving her. A tale of luck, fate, and the inevitable.

Prey of Fear

Debra Turpin

This is my contribution for Jim Bower's Herscher Project #13. (See Jim's link on my bio page) The topic this time was 'Triskaidekaphobia' - which is basically an unnatural fear of '13'. I struggled a bit with this one, so tis short and sweet. *smile*

First Night Alone

Aaron Tokay

Her world just flipped over on her... how would you feel? This is set in a world I have been writing about for eight years, and the character in this piece is one of the main characters from those books, but this particular story, while explained in parts, does not actually fit in my tale anywhere. I suppose it is a prequel, if you're into those.