Elizabeth Sauve

in the hunters eyes

D, Chap. III

Amanda Fisher

As a vampire, he feeds and this is one of those encounters

Into the Darkened Corners

Tina Seitz

Dark in nature. It playes upon the fears of the human mind.

Vyn: Chapter 1, Master

Kevin Wiener

Vampire story I started a while back from various inspirations. I'm confident that it is solid writing, however I'm not sure exactly where I'm going with the story...


Nicole Frack

This is yet another demonish poem...I really need to lighten up, huh?!?! Written 9/8/03 in history class (what does that tell you?).


Tina Stearns

Did you ever here the phrase: you must have eyes in the back of your head? Might come in handy here. Be careful where you walk late at night...


Kennedy Allen

Um. It's the vampiric equivalent of 'he eats a hamburger.'

The Mortal's Bedazzlement

Robin Schindler

Some mortals need a little convincing before they will give in... This is an old one that I've spiffed up a bit, fixed some of the problems (Like The Significant Capitalizations) and some of the inappropriate archaic verse (though there's still a fair amount there). (2006)

The Meal

Rebecca Marie Kent

Well, one night I was sitting in a bar with my roomie, and contemplation got the better of me. I'd work my way through one cigarette while he burned a booklet of matches. And I started considering what the different fires might signify. And, of course, I had to write about it. I hope you enjoy .. oh, and please, please, *please* don't tell me how bad smoking is for me. I already know!

A Night's Conquer - One

Carly Silverton

To be honest, although I haven't written anything to post for the longest time, I don't feel I could summarize this little bit of a story. Let's just say I promise to be ther's going to be my usual creatures, but this time I have a romance to go with them.

Demon Eyes

Simi *Muffin Queen*

There is only one rule in all of Creation that remains the same: Lilith feeds. ** (Mods: Dang, I knew I forgot something. I SORRY!)

Blood Dreams

Mary-Melissa Wilzewski

Ok, this was largely inspired by the fantastic anthologies in the Snow White, Blood Red books edited by Ellen Datlow & Terri Windling, which are collections of modern, mature interpretations of 'fairy tales'. It's also based on a late night question, 'How EXACTLY did Sleeping Beauty survive all those years without aging?' My twisted mind being what it is, the logical answer came...

A Vampire's Tale

Brandon Halcomb

This is a short story I wrote awhile back. Enjoy!