Wing 6 (Ocean Depths)

Brandon Lee

When an admirer sees her admiree fade into the sands of life what is she to feel?

The Legacy

Anastasia I-Morn-Gwathren

A legacy to live by..., well, in a fantasy world, I suppose.


Emma Ådahl

Um, well. I wrote this after the avent that happened on February 1st. ****this is the 2nd version... at first I uploaded the 1st version, which I didn't want up...**** NO idea WHY I wrote it. x_X

I, the intensely flavored ice cube

Carrie no.

this poem is open for personal interpretation :) heh, i wrote it a few nights ago, when a friend of mine told me to write them something... juicy i guess is the best word for it... anyway, hope you like it:)

Living the Dream

Erin Smith

It's a science fiction story set in the future about gaming and people...I'm just going to post what you write in the search words box because that best describes it: virtiual reality dream feel brain chips wire womb love romanace loss humanity program divorce insanity, and anything but sterotypical...initially called Sci-Fi Candy

Magic of Night

Elisabeth Jones

The first verse actually happened at a rehersal for the Joseph choir. I was right on the end, saw the leaves, felt the breeze... You must have felt that zingy excitement when you feel like running and jumping with the wind into the darkness. That is pure magic. The magic of night.

First - Chapter 3

Laura Soret

First is learning fast. After all, that´s all he can do... But that´s going to bring some consequences. Whether they´re good or bad, who´s responsible? It looks like it won´t take many more chapters to finish the story, but since it´s just a rough draft, you could consider it a primitive, short, undeveloped version of a longer to come... someday... I want to thank you all for giving your opinions, you have no idea how helpful this is^^. I LOVE YOU AAAALL! *blows kisses for everyone*


Jessica Price

We can always feel the wind, but can she feel us?

Blood Lily

addrie dannei

A Poem I Wrote in High School to Describe how Society was Making me Feel.

I give

Margaret Robinson

:/ Go me.

What Do You Feel?-Confession

Stephanie Maynard

Hmmm,yep I'm up to part eight of my Morta series (and it's still coming along)For any of you who are confused about what happened, Morta used some highly complex and deadly blood magic on her angel to save his life and render him in a sate of coma. This is after she sends his presumed 'corpse' away in secert. (You don't wanna know what her father was planning for the body)

The Flower 1 (Spirit of Hurt)

Brandon Lee

Do we really know what we feel out do we just push it away as though it was someone else

I do (poem)


A poem written for someone from once upon a time...

Horror Poem

Tisha' Angel' Watson

I was inspired by Linkin Park when I wrote this. That, and I was kinda depressed. Don't ask me why, I have no idea. Heck, I even creeped myself out writing this.