Void not devoid of feeling (poem)

Chester Copperpot

A short poem with me trying to use a bit of empathy, on what it might like to be blind, I haven't developed it much, just keeping it short and sweet


Emma Ã…dahl

Um, well. I wrote this after the avent that happened on February 1st. ****this is the 2nd version... at first I uploaded the 1st version, which I didn't want up...**** NO idea WHY I wrote it. x_X


Matti Spets

A poem about a man who has lived most of his life wandering the wilderness, and suddenly encounters a village full of people.


Kristen Sushi' Pitts

This is a poem that I wrote last night. (Well, it's probably not last night by the time you read this) Anyway, it's about that feeling of being cleansed of everything bad within you.

If you were to meet...

Tara Shaw

A poem where feelings are sorta..personified as women. each beautiful and deadly. just a spur of the moment poem which had a mind of its own.

Two Souls Collide Chapter 2

Jessica Johnson

This is my second chapter yay! Mera has been sent to ettiquette school by her mom and does not get to she Kiyhon for seven years. A new character is here and Kiyhon has powers woot! (pictures will come as soon, I don't have a scanner ;_; so i'll have to get my friend to help with that).

The Machine


This is a rather gloomy piece. It is an attempt to describe emotions, rather than the situation itself. It was inspiered by a dream I had. The English did not turn out to be super, since I wrote it first in Swedish and then translated it. I'll work on that.


Joshua H. Brody

Freeverse Poem


Samantha Hosea

Well, this is one of which I don't know what to think of. This one's more written 'from the heart' than the other two, I guess, the others were just stories that came and this one's more...I don't know...ah, well, just read, if you wanna...and comment, if you feel like it...

The Red Bat(working title) Chapter 3

Christina Colman

Time to learn how Kael got his artifact.

The Virus Ryo

Cly Novak

This is the story of the first Virus Ryo couple. They later create the first purebred Virus Ryo child (don't know if it's male or female yet). Anyway, I'll write it again when I feel like writing. There are some things one just can't do until one feels like it.

Legend of the Icequeen

Christina Johansson

I wrote this poem a couple of years ago but I still think it is one of my better achievements. It started out with a few rhymes and it sort of grew on me. I've changed the story many times and I will probably do it again ^_^ I've often thought about writing it as a story instead of a poem and maybe I will. If I do, I will put it here for sure.


Katherine Grantham

Any dreamer has felt like this at some point in their life...

Release Poem

James Mahogany

A quick poem of emotion and change...

Lustful Feelings

Kathryn Newill

This poem captures the feeling of a young girl when she first meets the love of her life.

To Drown (prologue)

Victoriana Ravenscraft

Ninio keeps having recurring nightmares about her mother's trial with the Masters, but she is the one on trial. Now, suddenly, she awakens feeling grudgy after another of these dreams. Or has she truly awakened?

Tempered Steel

Tyranus Malkave

A story of Tellon Kree, A scared man who returned years later to his love, but he is far from the man she fell in love with.