Michelle Hart

I wrote this when I was about nine or ten, and typed it in as it was on the written page as I think it has a certain power to it.

Hunters Cry

Julie Becker

A poem..There are sometimes very good reasons for why a few people feel like they don't really fit in anywhere..(Note: I'm not really pleased with this fact..I'm hardly ever pleased with anything I write. Maybe when I am..then I'll have something really good.)

As The Crow Flies: Part 1

Amy Messina

(Work In Progress!)They have been ripped from their homes and thrown into a strange world. The only humans in the land are primitive and very dangerous. The only person that will help them is half feline! They are alone. They are cold. They are injured. This is their story. (Part 1)

Kiarrith's Story (update: 02/21/02)

Karen Baker

This was a story I wrote about a year ago detailing part of the earlier history of a character of mine. Comments/title suggestions /ideas /revisions /critiques more than welcome! (tweaked a bit)


Ryan Reynolds-Stickney

This is after the rest of the Saga. I have yet to fill in the blanks between the two.

~ Darling Feline Jester ~

Megan Mcbride

A song written about a pooka named Ondine, by a minstrel named Danyl Hanete(whom I play.) I think it's cute. ^_^;;

Farewell to Innocence

Jennifer Simmons

Work in Progress, Jazz and Softpaws last full day tother, and what happens afterwards when she gets the news of his 'death' I'll be adding to it as I get more written, suggestson are more then welcomed it has a painting I did with the same name that is on my loth gallery HERE and NOTE I've spellchecked most of it but haven't grammer checked it becuse i'm typing it in compser. when done I'll grammercheck it on my Fiances computer with MS works. Another NOTE, the plots worked out to the end, what happens has been established, this is a Written account of it.

Lunge 2

Maureen Frykberg

Continuation of the alien, space ride with my dear alieanoid thing Jeanne. Name change and a bit of some interesting facts, nothing much.

Cat's Revenge

Vanessa Ganahl

I actually had inspiration for this while looking at a small golden statue of Bast (egyptian goddess)while in Latin class. I hope everyone catches the ending though...

M'hali: The Lost Clan, Prologue

Barbara Wickham

This sets the scene for the story to come and I hope it is not too long- winded or confusing. It is my hope that after reading this you will have a better feel for the society in which the story revolves and come to understand the characters you will meet later. Please feel free to critique anything about this story, including the story as a whole. Most importantly, let me know how it made you feel and if it excites you enough to want to read more! If you'd like to see some pics from this story, please goto my gallery page. Thank you for reading! Update: Edited to tweak a few minor things, but I also extended the legend towards the end to clarify some things for chapter 1.

Manderkin Suns Chapters 3&4

Stephen Thompson

A little bit of focus on the compexity of the relationship Kalance has with Shalah. His romantic difficulties have to be put of hold when his unit is recalled to a nearby fort, where he learns that not all is well on Manderkin.

That Which Was Hidden: Chapter 2

Beth Master' Lewis

Matar and Kaitos make their way to the Lair of the Arborea, and Matar gets a rather strange.... umm... lecture? Introduces Kerrin of the Faynar, and her younger sister, Talrah.

Tricky Damnation

Jennifer Meadows

A recollection...of sorts...

About Katanya

Jennifer Meadows

Katanya describes herself...

Ashley and the Gang

Cly Novak

This is mostly about Ashley, the humanish cat. I'll be drawing him soon and the rest of them. (I've already done Ron and Jessie.) Yes, they do have girlie names, but that's cause they are a different species and when they came in contact with humans, they stole a few of their names, not knowing that they are female names. Anyway, they are all felid related. Mici and Stormy are real cats (they're my babies!) and I made them exactly how they are in real life. Mici is cute and hyper dispite his five years, and Sotrmy is old and fat but has enough strength (and I am not joking) to drag my 140 pounds across the floor by a shoelace! This cat is strong, but does not use it unless another cat threatens him, or Mici (only he is allowed to beat up his little macho coward 'brother'). Mici wants to be all big and tough... so long as he's behind Stormy. Anyway, this story was first written along with a beautiful trance techno song with chanting monks but when the song ended, the story went in every direction. I finally couldn't keep up with it so I quit. I may continue, but not soon. Oh, and when Silve asks Ashley if he loves the rest of the group (all male), she did not mean as if he were gay. In their society, love is very important and it is not unusual to see males act loving toward each other. So, enjoy!


Ryan Reynolds-Stickney

My first sonnet, forgive the somewhat lacking lucidity near the end. Have fun...

The Great War Pt. 1

Michael Keith

I got this really cool idea when I was looking around in the art gallery of someone who drew a humaniod feline. I have no clue who he is, and I'm not ripping him off as I do not think a cat/human is an original idea (I saw them in bedknobs and broomsticks). Its the beginning to a new story, hopefully epic, that I'm working on.

First Kill

Christina Nichols

Death to Idiot

What have I done now?...

Charlotte Lamplough

This is a scene where Jess has been a little naughty and someone "told" on her. Kynath, a mage. had a soft spot for her.

As The Crow Flies: Part 2

Amy Messina

(Work In Progress!)They have been ripped from their homes and thrown into a strange world. The only humans in the land are primitive and very dangerous. The only person that will help them is half feline! They are alone. They are cold. They are injured. This is their story. (Part 2)