Dance ~poem~

Erica Martin

Okay, I guess you have read enough to realize that I normally write about the character being lonely, but this poem is kinda from the other side, what it is like to be the dead one.


Emily Kirsch

A poem I wrote for James Bowers' Death Knocks project. Took a bit of tweaking to get it how I want it... but I'm more or less proud with the finished product.

The Sleeping Castle

Jessie Fleischfresser

My own take on 'Sleeping Beauty.' Sick of waiting for your prince to come? Might be time to take matters into your own hands.


David Colvin

Amid a political and military crisis within the elven Republic, a female soldier finds herself torn between her duty to her people and her own ideals.

Reap What You Sow - Ch1

Rebecca R. Lally

It looks like Joss's trigger happy ways have, yet again, landed her in deep trouble. But does Joss realise just how deep her troubles are??


Adriana Campany

The introduction into the world of a female Swashbuckler who braves waters, men, and is haunted by a wild and unfaithful past.

Battle Ready Guild

Jen French

The story of how a young girl beats the odds, excelling in swordsmenship and battle, becoming one of the greatest warriors the world has ever known.


Jason Romein

This is a story which features one of my characters who goes by the name of Ross de la Kerr. I'll let the story describe him for you.

Rarest of the Wild - p.51-65

Anna Smith

Pages 51 through 65 of a novella, and the conclusion to the tale. NEWS - The sequel to Rarest of the Wild, Rarest's Child, by Miguel Ettema, can no longer be found on Elfwood, but for those of you who followed the story, I have good news. Though Miguel has removed himself from Elfwood due to the demands of his schooling, the last section and conclusion of Rarest's Child, as I am the co-author, will be appearing here once we've finished writing and editing it. The bulk of the story, which was written by Miguel and won two Mod's Choice awards, I will have permission to post on my homepage once the entire tale is finished.

Rarest of the Wild - p.21-30

Anna Smith

Pages 21 through 30 of a novella.

This Stranger, My Friend p. 51-60

Anna Smith

Pages 51-60 of the novella.

Soul's Mark

Christine Randolph

An assassin takes a job that ultimately changes the course of her life.

Break in

Ole Morvik

The intro for a longer story im writing. Feedback would be most welcome

...And Indeed the Darkness Comes CH2

Matthew Brown

chapter two

...And Indeed the Darkness Comes CH9

Matthew Brown

chapter nine

...And Indeed the Darkness Comes CH6

Matthew Brown


...And Indeed the Darkness Comes CH13

Matthew Brown

chapter thirteen

'Demon Tears' Chapter 1

Kristen Pilcher

This is a story about the line between Good and Evil, and how blurry that line can get. (I'm currently not working on this story right now b/c I found a very bad plot hole and I don't feel like fixing it right now. Sorry!)


M Mmmmm

Just a start (or finish?) to a story about a female vampire trying to escape...

'Classical Dragon's Lament'

Paul Doyle

This is a poem about a typical, damsel-eating 'classic' dragon who finds himself besmitten with his virgin sacrifice, and therefore in a big dilemma.