Words of a Dream - Chapter One

Martha Cundiff

A frustrated elven princess, her cursed brother, a scheeming noble, a dreadful prophecy. Sound like the making of a fantasy story to you?

Chaper 3 of Chronicles of Nhidia

Ryan Lewis

This is too tie the plot togther

The journey prt 3

Vetle Lidal

Jenn and Lear is chased by something and seek shelter in a monastery, but are they really safe? Here is part 3, this time with a slight christmas-feel. Happy Holydays everybody.

A Late Summer Sunday Evening

Corbett Robley

My favorite poem is A November Night by Sara Teasdale. I thought I'd like to write something that *resembled* it in form, and this was my attempt... Fall is my favorite season and I thought I'd also like to write something that made me feel like it was September no matter what time of year I was in.

TO Slay a Dragon: Chapter 3

T. Jenkins

The adventure continues! Enter...The Dragon! Is anyone reading this story at all?

Their Festival

Erica X. Aumand

Somehow this idea juat popped in my head

Jason just before the choosing

Jonathan Warncke

Another scene from the book. This happens near the beginning of the book. Kind of rough still. I don't really proofread very well.

Fleu du Elgoria Part I: Chapter II

Jon Bretwalda Malek

A failed attempt one the force of unity, and maybe a little treachery?

Hell on Earth - Sky clad

Helfried Haider

Every year the Akrollonists celebrate the first day of the harvest, a day celebrated only by the women, who are untouchable on this day. But this time is different ...

The Last Alliance - 1: The Man with the Maul

Jonathan Bahamundi

 This is a fantasy story in progress i started writing recently! Hit me up with any questions or feedback If you like it i'll put up the next chapters hehe


Amy Wilbur

'The truth of the matter is that you always know the right thing to do. The hard part is doing it.' -- Gen. H. Norman Schwarzkopf


Deborah Cullins Smith

Part of James Bowers' Project 7, this was a 'seed' story. My version of Aftermath, written with James' seed, creates a mythical town of a bygone era which suffers an invasion by vicious dragons. All out war between these enormous fire-breathing creatures and the human race leads to the death of one man's home, family, and dreams.

Chapter II Of Collars, and Bells, and Heathery Hills

Catherine Felt

Far away from the Kingdom where Princess Rayne must indure her trivial worries lies a fascinating village of Purrlin people. Tonight is the very important annual festival of The Women's Initiation. Valtina has a big suprise in store, and her friends Zariel and Alec begin to realize that now they must grow up.

The Light Of Dawn - Chapter 1

Sharon Lee

This is only chapter 1 of this story, but more will come soon. This story is quite boring really, but hopefully, I'll be able to write something more interesting next time you visit. Enjoy!

Prologue - Vehlboin

Charis Robinson

An introduction to a story I'm currently in the middle of writing. Two more intros to come, then Chapter 1! XD

In Blue (poem)

Amanda Williams

About two Nymphs and There Joining On A Festival Night.

Festival Calamities

Shuo Chen

This one has been some people's favorite and others' least favorite, because its style is different from my usual style. So yeah, it's an interesting one. Enjoy?

A Day in Veroshi City

Heidi Hecht

This is supposed to be what a typical day in Veroshi City might be like.

To Slay a Dragon: Chapter 2

T. Jenkins

Mardi Gras

Daniel Hewitt

A 'colour inspired poem' I wrote for the school faeries... I like my vampire girly, but the 'paraded flames' nonsense annoys me... And I put the word 'breasts' in... Bad Danny!