There is always some time left

Marius Ernst

I wrote this in a bit of an angry and upset mood, in a very short time (2 and a half hours from idea to upload). Accordingly it's quite short. That's all I can say about it, except that there is always some time left...

Fiery Dream World

Amy Murrpau' Chonko

This is my world and despite what you all may think it does exist...on the astral plane however


Stephanie Walls

Short Story ~ COMPLETED: This story, well, it started out completely different and somehow changed to something more. Im not sure where the idea came from, or even really what its supposed to mean. I'm not planning on continuing it. I'm just writing short stuff to try to improve my writing skills. The transitions are rather rough... Actually, its all alittle rough. Kaigen finds himself in an upsetingly strange landscape with no memory.

Dragon Trio: Trouble

Jessie Hoesing

Ah yes, this little article of writing... I wrote it last year, once more for my religion teacher (how it had to do anything with the topic I don't know lol I don't remember what it was). People liked it, everyone didn't get to hear all of it since it woulda taken all class hour and he was bein' a bum. Anyways, this li'l bit of writing is about one of the thieves from my li'l trio called the Stealing Dragon Trio. Jade's in trouble and is forced to confront her bounty hunter. A fight is involved and such. The ending is horribly weak in my opinion. But I had to end it some how or else it was gonna be TOO long! Hope you enjoy it! ^^

A woman's worth

Neomi Geva

First chapter in what might or might not evelove into a longer story.

'Dreamer's Star'

Emily Karnes

Another poem. Hmm...I really do write short and long stories, honest. Heh...well, I'm pleased with this one in any case.


Damjan Mozetic

This is a poem I wrote after having a dream...

The Rose of Elyited Field

Amanda Johnson

In reading a book about flowers I found that the Daffodil was involved in a Welsh legend of the Elyited Field, or Field of the dead. It said that the flower once covered the ground of this such place and is now used in funerals

Song of a Harp

Megan Myer

This was an essay for my english class. She had different pictures and she told us to write a story, using the picture. It took me two weeks to write is due today 6/9/03

Shin No Ippo 6 Pt III

Brandon Christ

Zordos and Owens find themselves in gigantic fields, and discover a new force to be reckoned with. PS: Von Dagga can be interpereted as 'Jeez' or 'holy crap' depending on context.

Field of Red, Red Roses

Leonard Farrugia

A romantic short story i wrote... dedicated to Denny, a friend i can never thank enough for her care :)


Tonya Montgomery

Spirit Guardians are those who attach themselves to one's soul at the moment of birth. They stay with that soul throughout their life and offer guidance and protection. They usually come to their soul in dreams and always in a form that their soul can accept. Unlike a Guardian Angel, a Spirit Guardian ages as the soul that they're attached to ages. Some Guardians are very young, some are very old and not all are necessarily human. It is said that a sensitive person can feel the presence of another's Guardian when they are present, provided that the Guardian is an older one. This story is about a Spirit Guardian and the soul that he is attached to.

Only Stats

Chris Ellinger

Almost a game at first, I hope this turned into something worthwhile, if short. (A pedder is like a mech, I suppose: a tank with legs.)

Green Knight

Catherine Ward

Another of my bad peoms. Written while waiting in the bus station in High Wycombe (Bucks, UK) for a bus that never came. That place really is grim, so its not really surprising that the poem is basically saying 'I don't want to be here'.

The speed of light

Sascha Frank

This story is based on a crazy idea that came to my mind while visiting the Johnson Space Center in Houston. I didn't take a lot of time revising it, since I sometimes ruin a story in doing so, but I hope it'll find somebody's approval... enjoy!

Adventuring Day One

Rachel Lawlor

On his first day of his new found niche of adventuring, Jack encounters something very large and very fast. Will his new treasure, bought with almost all of his money, help him escape?

Naxia's Joining

Jessica Burton

This is a tale about Naxia, Loreia's very good friend. The story takes place when she is a lot younger and tells of the joining with her black panther, Felon.

The Clash

Christina Stoppa

This is just a poem written about a battle field

Alonsa's Discovery Chapter 1

Amy Landis

this is the first story i submitted to elfwood! it's not too long but i hope you like it ^_^ more to come soon!!