Feathers in the Twilight: Part One

Keith Clancy

This is the beginning of a long story I have been writing for the past couple months. There are a bit of typos, and the dialouge is still a little rough, but I'm still quite proud of it. *Edit* I made changed the title, although I'm still not quite satisfied with it. *Edit*

Feathers in the Twilight: Part Three

Keith Clancy

This part I actually wrote at the same time as one and two, but forgot to post it after some computer troubles. I tried to edit out some of my worst mistakes here, but I was astonished to find how much my writing can change in a years time.

The Epic of Motnekero Chapter III, The Battle of Pig's Valley

Matthew Deagle

...I know that I'm not supposed to begin with the third chapter, but I'm not satisfied at all with the first and second at the moment, so here it is... I'm not satisfied with this either (I'm sure I could put a little more effort into it) but I'd enjoy some criticism, so criticise! Angelstorm

In the Tiger's Eye

Dalyn Walton

This story is a combination of political intrigue/underground revolution and a month or two of a writing class. I've noticed my writing style has changed dramatically, for better or for worse I have no idea.

A Hero's Beginning

Daniel Nolan

An old hermit-of-a-hero is summoned to help the king, but finds there is more to his quest than what it seems

The Good Guys Don't Always Win. (Fantasy Story)

Daron MacQueen

Short story written for class. First story in grade 9. Almost perfect marks. Do you think I deserved it? The mage is based off a friend of mine's role play character. Rahlaer. The description of Kadessa is put up as well. It was only supposed to be a short story.. So I didn't get much of a chance to tell what she looks like. And so I love her description.

Lullabye ~poem~

Erica Martin

A poem of what goes through a dying warriors last thoughts. Don't be harsh on me, it's my first poem online.

The Strange and Elusive

Seth Borer

Stacey, a friend from a fevered dream

Night of the Hunters (Part 2)

Faraz Gafoor

This is the second part of the 'Night of the Hunters' excerpt from my rewrite of 'Ascension of the Shadow.'

Umbra - Chapter 3 (approx. 10 pages)

Ute Fuerst

A new student to magic Umbra will find some surprises here, good and bad. Second personal revision. Suggestions, ideas, spottet mistakes always welcome. ;) (revised 07/2004)

Chapter One

Daniel Terrell Hood

Chapter one of a book i am writing about Macodin.

The Battle

Betsy K.

This is what the world will come to one day, the animals and all mythical beasts will no longer stand for their human oppressors and will fight back and rule once again.

Mind Reaver Ch.3

Gil Shimoni

3rd chapter... A little more exposition, story actually starts next chapter...

Elementals - 2 - Prolouge

Jessica Seefried

A prolouge to The Elementals Series. I re-wrote this during the second semester of senior year, putting it into past tense, and tweaking a few things so that my seventh grader vocabular was no longer as noticable.

Dragon Queen Ch 7

Jayson Kennedy

Finally, Chapter 7! Yay! I forced myself to pound out this chapter, but I like it. Its short and sweet, with plenty of violence! Hope you enjoy the misadventures of Kymm and Maus!

Chapter 17

Andrew Casey

Yaesh versus Daegan, Squill, and Raleigh. Will they make it out alive?


Calvin Main

This is a story I wrote in 8th grade, roughly 6 years ago. It is about spellcasters and adventure.

A New Planet Part One

Sarah-Jayne Briggs

The follow-up to Sakante (I hesitate to use the word sequel because I plan more stories after this one). Kit, Retro, Nira, and the other survivors from Sakante have been frozen in stasis in part of the ship that has broken away from the main area. They land on a green and blue planet which has what look like all of the humans who died on Sakante inhabiting it, including Tash. What is this planet, and what is its purpose? Who are the rulers, and what do they want? (Please note – because this story is so long, it’s being split into two parts)

A Long Time Before

Cathin Yang

A long time ago on a planet not so far away, there was peace and happiness. Course, that stuff never stays long and this is what happens...

Bite Chapter 11

Amory Koch

Got it out... a little short, but very packed. And I now know where I am going! Yay. The end is in sight, then all I'll have to do is major surgury on it and possibly some character restructions and a couple re-writes. *sob*