The Embrace

Cullen Groves

Two lovers wish they could be together forever. But, everyone knows, be careful what you wish for . . . This is an odd story. I got the idea when hugging someone. I don't believe it's a new idea, by any means, but I figured I could write it interestingly, and I did (I hope).

Road to Peace (FF3 story)

Ivy McKnight

This is a mighty long and ongoing story, based on FF3 (Final fantasy 3). Remember that I started this about three years ago, and my style of writing wasn't that great back then. Not that it's that great now, but... anyhoo, I'm still writing it (cripes, it ain't done!). So, have fun.


Janet Jongebloed

Author's Notes: Oh geez, here I am again, writing a sequel to 'Wonderful Girl' when I always said I wouldn't. This version of 'Returning' is going to be a little rushed because it has to be 5 double spaced pages at the maximum because I'm writing it for Creative Writing class. I might do another novelette (I love that word) as a long version of 'Returning'.

Dreams: Chapter Five (Incomplete)

Christina Stratton

This is the continuing story of Aubrey and her conflict.....I changed the ending to the last chapter, so you may have to go back and reread it...


Laura Chase

I thought it fitting to use the Japanese word as the title for this one with it meaning fireworks (Hana = flower, bi = fire). For this, I thought of Aeris and Cloud, and their theme song.


Cullen Groves

What can we do when faced with the inevitability of the end? Rise up and fall with pride, or lay down and pass away gracefully; those of this blurb tried to resist. Used a quote from Dylan Thomas, that cool poet dude.

Dusk Till Dawn, Chapter 6 and 7

John Gunningham

The dramatic conclusion of our story. Whats a good action story without a final battle, daring rescue and of course that crucial moment where everthing turns out alright. It's sure to keep you on the edge of yor seat for sure.

Final Empire: Chapter 1 REVOLT (updated

'Aerandir' Pestana

(Salutations-I have been updating this tale lately which has resulted in the changing of some names, and the combining of some of the shorter chapters. If you have read it b4 Oct. 14, 2002 you may notice that the 'Yurik' Character has had a name change, from Yurik Vr'Kalla to Yurik Vr'Krull, I realized while proof reading that following my own rules, Vr'Kalla. becuase it ends in 'a' would indicate 'daughter of' not 'Son of' ooops...I didn't like the sound of 'Vr'kall' so I changed it, to Vr'Krull, thereby also changing his fathers' name.) D Chapter I, 'Revolt' A Long time a Galaxy Far far away hehehehehe. A brief note about Final Empire. In this story characters 'middle' names (and some sirnames) begin with the pre-fix Vr' it is pronounced Veer,(as in seer) it signifies the family from which one comes. As in the Russian affix 'evitch or ovitch' which means 'son of', or 'evna' which means 'daughter of' The main character's name is Yurik Vr'Krull(son of Krull)Krellix. (you-rik, Veer-krull, Kray-liks) Where two of the same vowels appear together such as 'aa' as in the name Vaanek, they are pronounced 'ah' -I have tried to include notes into the text, but most are self explanetory...hope this helps, enjoy. (Please let me know if you find any other inconsistencies, thanks)

Snow White: Chapter 4 and End

Lara Beggs

Here it is, the final part! I hoped you enjoyed it.

Rain on a Sunny Day

Morgan Grover

Much of my work developes from various writing exercises, and this is one such example. The protagonist, Covik, is technically a half-ogre, though you will see people call him an ogre out of hatred. For this story I was given three words (race, north-east, and fire). I will let you see how they play out. This story has been redone multiple times now, but I am finally starting to become happy with it. I may certainly repay Covik a visit sometime, he has developed into an interesting character. Let me know what you think!

One Winged Angel

Laura Chase

A poem written about everyones favorite Final Fantasy villain Sephiroth (Sephiros in the Japanese version). All hail Sephy-sama ^-^x

Silence ~poem~

Erica Martin

This is probably my favorite poem of my new ones I have posted. It has this nice end-of-the-world feel to it. I wrote it for a good friend after his Mom died, just so he would know that he can take a few minutes, and mourn about it.

The Inevitable ~ poem

Uffe Olesen

This is a little story about not just death but the death that is coming for you. My initial inspiration was Seeman by Rammstein but I think it got a little further

Triuncula Chapter 4

Stuart Ferguson

The fourth and final chapter. No, there is not a fifth chapter. Don't ask for one. This story ends the way it does so that the focus is on the ending I have written


Laura Chase

This is about the shield of Zeus and Athena. I also got the idea from the Final Fantasy series.

Silver Glory

Julia Douglas

An old attempt at poetry. Maybe I'll try again some time, but for now... I think I'll just stick with prose. This was inspired by a picture in the art section, which showed a unicorn making its way into the water to die.

Final Choice

Niki Bear' VanderHeyden

a poem about dieing?? i really dont know...

Dark Angel

Lizzie Bundick

She comes for you, the Dark Angel of Death.

Death's Diary - Final Cut - Ch. 1

April ]-[3L' Jones

What if the end came sooner than you thought? Well as you can see, I've had trouble of starting this story. Finally I've thought of the solution. Each chapter of the novel (which will be edited later when it goes to publish) will be an event/day entry. Please excuse if I start to type the story in various point of views. I have a habit of it when I'm writing them. Well now that I've said what I needed to say, Read On!

No More

Tara Young

I was on the computer talking to some friends and listening to the Gladiator soundtrack. The music suddenly gave me a jolt of inspiration. I just let the words come on their own. This was the result. There is alot of symbolism from many different religions in it. If you do decide to try to understand the symbolism, keep in mind that the same thing might have different meanings in other beliefs.