Yes of Course

Chris Poole

Two bookkeepers find themselves on an adventure that takes them closer than they expected.

Sweet dreams, Selonia.

Amy Kilpatrick

A mischevious Unicorn and its rider, and elf, are making thier way towards a spring...

The Star of the Thief Chapter Six

Kristopher Brown

Iris and the companions head toward Iris's old home, bringing back old memories for the thief... and a very familiar face.

The Eyes of Gold (poem)

Kate Anderson

This one is kinda difficult to describe... But well, let's say it is like some immortal creature looking for a woman long since dead. The rythm was sometimes sacrificed to the rhyme, I belive - but, alas! it's never been an easy trade.

Evanescence, Chapter One

M. Welsh

Chapter one...

Will Evil Prevail? Chapter 2

Kristy 'Saru' J. Plotkin

Sheri finds out Johann has the same power, Waneta changes shape, Sheri plans to lead Crescent Day ceremony

Untitled Riddle of a Poem

George Chang

Again this is untitled...this was taken off from my english playlet script when I found out the this would be too intriguing for those taiwanese judges to after being taken off, I had it changed a bit, and I'm thinking now if I should to put it into my book...(perhaps I will)

Chapter 1: The Find

Noor Khouraki

Okay, I've been writing a chapter for a story which I haven't titled yet. I've worked on this for awhile and I think you'll find it interesting if anything.

The Power Within (Chapter 3)

Alicia Hansen

Still a work in progress . . . Anyway, as I add new chapters, you'll want to review the previous chunks. I replace everything in this story with new uploads. New ideas and revisions and additions and all of that . . . Anyway, I am greatly enjoying this story and I like how it is going right now. All comments, suggestions and ideas are welcome.

Poem, Goblins - the irony

Claire Roberts

I really couldn't be serious about a mischievous creature such as a goblin.

Search for Seralida Chapter 1 continued...

Katelyn Crabb

Yeah... I actually pretty much love this part of the chapter. Mostly because it really introduces you to the point of the story.... to find the Princess... heance the title. It also brings the sense of mystery into the story... because you wanna know who it is before I tell you.... so for the rest of the story... I get to toss you around with ideas of who it might be... hahaha... ok.. read on..

The Orcwell files 1: case of the missing 200ton dragon: final chapters, 2 and 3

Adele Waldrom

these are the final chapter of the case of the missing dragon story.

The Night 10 (Self-Condemnation)

Brandon Lee

But in all of chaos there is order and in evil we will also find good

Destine paths ch3

Brittany joe Sapp

Elena talks with travis, Tom on his way forst stoping to talk to the council, then to break kira and Elena out. Running into Kcal and his men on the way

Poem/Riddle in me book

George Chang

Well, I guess I just never name anything as it is just so hard to do so...heh perhaps i would come back someday and maybe find it easier as my english would have improved by then...anyway still about treasure and stuff...I'll load me story in the future, yet I just have this one sole problem that I just can't seem to solve....

The Willow Door

Christina Shockey

 This is one of the four stories which are now at the top of my list. I'm hoping to get it published, if its anywhere good enough. I hope so.... I'm working really hard on....Hope you like it!! =)

The Quest: Chapter 1-2 Melahona/Eril

Megan Green

Finding Home

Melissa Bastiaans

A young boy...trying...searching....for home

The Light Bringer - Chapter One

Denira Freeman

The first chapter of 'The Light Bringer' You can see an illustration by Amy Harris : HERE

A Wanderer

Tom Nosredans

a loner wandering the world searching for answers he cannot find.