It Soars

Allyson Yearry

This is a poem I wrote awhile ago, that got published in my High School's literary magazine, 'Mindprints'. I'm pretty proud of it, and I hope you enjoy it too!

Twilight City: Firebird

Amarenda Rose

A firebird, not often seen in the Twilight City, arrives.

Waking Dreams: Chapter Thirteen

Holly Becker

And Amaurea returns. Vahie is also delighted to learn something about the Order's library.

Waking Dreams: Chapter Eighteen

Holly Becker

I think Vahie needs more good luck - she's going to try and steal a most precious item from Sondaston.

The Phoenix

Valerie Grabski

Singing the glory of this wonderful bird o' fire.

Waking Dreams: Chapter Twelve

Holly Becker

Vahie's induction into the Order - sort of. She gets called and tested, and I had fun with that.

Legend of the Firebird

Kelsie Elizabeth

This is a tale based around the mythology of the Russian firebird. It's not really set in Russia, but who's counting? March 2003 6 pgs

Cerise 12

Brian Jones

Serce found that he is a Druid, let's see what he can do.... Enjoy!


Ellen Hyde

Though inspired by Stravinsky's ballet, the story is totally different. And it's present tense. For some odd reason.

Of Myth

S. Aitakangas

Poem written for Elftown Creature Marathon's phoenix session.

Waking Dreams: Chapter Sixteen

Holly Becker

Oh, the joys of meeting a contact that knows way more than you do about the intelligence business...

Waking Dreams: Chapter Nine

Holly Becker

Start of Part Two - also a change of PoV to Vahie. Totally new tangent, so you'll have to wait for Part Three to find out what happens to Driel. Don't hurt me! *g*

Waking Dreams: Chapter Fourteen

Holly Becker

Lucky Vahie - she finally gets her coveted first mission.

Unknown Poem

Cami Miros

I was kind of depressed when I wrote this. So it is one of my weirder works. I hope you enjoy it!

The Firebird

Genevieve Ray

A little poem about strength of spirit

Unplanned Trip (updated: 02/21/02)

Karen Baker

I wrote this story long, long ago while still in grade school. I chanced upon it, liked the basic framework, and rewrote it . Anyhow, this is a younger sort of story--so go easy on it! However, please feel free to correct any mistakes--it was late at night when i rewrote the majority of it. (tweaked a bit)

Waking Dreams: Chapter Fifteen

Holly Becker

Vahie pretends not to freak out as she prepares for her first mission. Bit of a history lesson, too.

A Tale of Coyote

Michael Ullom

This is an older story I did back in the last year of high school. Despite the change in my writing over the years, I still enjoy this story.

The story of Mehrzad

Rosie a.k.a female fred

A little fairy tale for you. Not a proper one, more a kind of religious myth that belongs to no religion. I can't remember the name for this kind of story, so I'll stop now. This, again, was written a long time ago, when I was probably 14 but possibly 15, but I think it's alright.

Rebirth From Ashes

Brian Buckley

There's something a little unusual about this poem. Take a look at the first letter of every line...