The Tale of Years - II. The First Elf-Lord

Christopher Manica

Tolkien meets the Book of Genesis.

A Dragon's Story, Chapter 3

Alon Rand

Okay, this is Chapter 3, in its entirety. Its been a good while since I put up anything for this, and my writing has been extremely sporadic for the last several months, so I thought it fair to give everyone that's been clamoring for more everything I've got up to this point. Please don't yell at me if I don't post more for a while. My life has gotten much busier than it was when I started this, and it has been put very far back on the stove.

Omens of The End (Amaranths tale, part one)

James Wagner

The beginning of an epic...

Waking Dreams: Chapter Seventeen

Holly Becker

And Vahie visits her first contact, with some advice from Ildalia. I really need to come up with more interesting descriptions, don't I?

Deathblade Chapter 1: Murderous Urges

Josh Rea

the first chapter of deathblade

Here's a Thought ...

Tammy Janeen

heh heh .. the way you guys argue over some things is hilarious! This story is dedicated to those brave fighters! (trust me ... you'll gt it after the story! ~_^)

World of Fears: Prologue

Sarah Havens

Finally, a prologue. Better late than never I guess hehe. By writing the prologue, more changes are needed so I shall change the first and third chapters as soon as I can. The prologue takes place at Becca's graduation which is ten years before the story's original setting. Oh well. But anywho, I hope this gives you a better intro to Becca then the first chapter did, and enjoy. Constructive criticism is always welcome.

First - Chapter 1

Laura Soret

After a boring intro, here cometh the real stuff! First meets the outside world! Complete with illustration!

Elven Snow

Sean Cavanagh

This be an old one I wrote while I was in Texas....Some stuff has changed in my writing since then...

knighthood chapter 1

Zack Parker

A squire embarks on his journey to be a knight. Just he finds out he gets the 'odd' knight. But little does he know that this is a good thing.

The Other Side of Reality

Vera Sage' Ursache Koranyi

My first poem in my current style.

First Encounter

Jocelyn (Chibi Jester) Burrows

A long time ago I began writing a story. It got too long, the plot too iluted from my own attatchment to characters and immaturity. I look still like some of the characters. And so did someone else. So just for a fellow I met online I wrote this quick scene featuing his favourite character, Daedreia, though he only liked her from a picture and brief description I gave him. So here we have a short written from a story though this scene isn't ACTUALLY IN the story anywhere. One day I will take that old story I started in elementary school and make it something worthwhile. For now we only have this teaser which doesn't focus at all on the protagonist or any of the lead supporting characters.



I wrote this a while back, decided to post it. ( Please, no horrible comments on this, I was like 10 when I wrote this.) I don't have a story name It's about a teenage girl, who meets a boy. However, this is no ordinary boy, and she is no ordinary girl...

Bite Chapter 8

Amory Koch

Massacre! *ehem* Gatter gets some action, Zara gets some too, everyone is confused and nabbing people and such... what fun!

'Untitled'-Espérer's Story

Jamie Woods

I started writing this YEARS ago, and have beed taking off and adding to for years. I hand write everything and then type it up. So it might be a while for other chapters to follow, and I'm srys about that.... *hides* don't hit me plz lol. I like this and so far every one who I've thrown this at has, and I hope all of you people do too!!!!! Espérer is the main character, and everything is from her point of veiw. Read and enjoy!!!!

First - Chapter 3

Laura Soret

First is learning fast. After all, that´s all he can do... But that´s going to bring some consequences. Whether they´re good or bad, who´s responsible? It looks like it won´t take many more chapters to finish the story, but since it´s just a rough draft, you could consider it a primitive, short, undeveloped version of a longer to come... someday... I want to thank you all for giving your opinions, you have no idea how helpful this is^^. I LOVE YOU AAAALL! *blows kisses for everyone*

Reaper's Child

Nick Burke

This is the first story to a saga that I've created. It introduces many of the key characters, and brings us into the world that the following stories are based around.

First Shadow IV - Everything

Pedro Soares

The Shadow fades... A possible ending. But (probably) not quite...

First Blood

Joseph Wartick

This is the story of a young merman's coming of age. He has to do a ritual that is necessary to become a warrior in this tribe. Tell me what you think of it! :)

Knighthood prolgue

Zack Parker

A squire embarks on his journey to be a knight. Just he finds out he gets the 'odd' knight. But little does he know that this is a good thing.