The Dragon's Plight

Jermaine Joseph

Even dragons dream... that was something that made me think. Oh well, enjoy.

The Conquerors

David Daumit

Based on a real life incident, this story will hopefully offer you some chuckles at my expense (better at mine than at yours, huh?).

How to Get Ahead in Fishing - Part 1

John Akins

A fisherman's catch is not quite the catch he expected..

Death's Moment

Nici Jackson

I have bettas, and felt the need to put them into a kind of creepy story. It was in my creative writing class at my new school, which is in a highly noncreative room, stark, and pure machine (man, I miss my old school, the old beautiful building that just screamed art) So, it -is- a little dry. I apologize. But I was thinking of the Irish idea of death. Kind of. It didn't really come out in the story, but close enough.

Pewter Dragon

Laura Birdsall

A ballad that chroncicles the dreams and aspirations of a small pewter dragon figurine...

Journey Part 07 - Pond

Al Howe

Where secrets could be held.

Elven Folklore Part 4

J Taylor

Culture Shock! Now travel to learn about the culture and situation of another tribe: Water's Life.

The Hunt

Rob Slocum

A dark poem about a wolf that is hunting a person

Sapphire Eyes Part Six: The City Of Caves

Athene Grele

Where you first realze how sweet and charming Sil is.... And the possiblities of Magick. (I love spelling it like that)

Chimera's Eye

Eric Woodend

This is a story involving strange and magical people in a modern setting. It is mostly about Benedict, a boy who has yet to discover many, many things about the world of magic. It is an ONGOING story and therefore incomplete.

Tempest's Lesson

Vicki Leady

I can't really pinpont the inspiration to this story. I just love the whole 'fish out of water' concept, I guess. It's so much fun to work with. The father of an unruly goddess sends her to a place where the gods no longer rule to teach her to truly appreciate her subjects.

The Flying Corvette

Robert James

This is a poem about a boy who gets a wish from a magical fish, and he wishes for a flying corvette.

Meet Nishanti

Heather Chenery

Right, I'm posting this premature to what I would've wanted to do because I'm getting bored of writing it. I shall put the rest of it up when I finish.This isn't the pages long one that I've been going on about btw, just something short. Hope u like it. I may do a pic of Nish sometime.Do not steal in any way, shape or form.

The Fallen Moon Part 5

Jake Diebolt

Sorrowdale itself has come under attack by agents of the Moon Lord; but the soldiers of the Rebellion, alongside the Women's Council, hope to catch the Acolytes by surprise...Meanwhile, Broon the Immortal crosses the Fields of Glass, seeking counsel from the Sundered Goddess...and perhaps, something else.


Samuel Kingsley

Chapter seven of Peridot

The Satyr Queen: II

Mike Prescott

The first thread in the tapestry of consequence...

The Satyr Queen: VII

Mike Prescott

I love Hish. I think its his name. And how he tries to be a good friend even when he's a little gruff. Good man. Hope he's not dead! Rifka too...


Samuel Kingsley

Chapter four of Peridot

The Soul

Dianna Arnold

This was done a number of years ago, and is a tribute to my dog Kira, who died of a grand mal siezure.  She was an Alaskan Malamute and loved children.  If you don't know what an Alaskan Malamute is, look 'em up.  They're absolutly great dogs, if sometimes stubborn, and are great with kids and generally love people more than any lab could hope to.  Not that I have anything against labs, but malamutes have a "dog-anality" all their own.  This story is also a tribute to all the other pets I've had and loved through the years.

Ari 4

Rachel Allender

Ari's life revealed