Flight of Eagles part Two

Bethany Holthof

part two, continuation of part one

Dagora Khelian - Chapter 5

Andrea Smith

Okay, I had to fight several nasty dragons to get thischapter put up with the illustration...I'd appreciate some comments on that, too! Don't mind it's crappiness, please, I'm a better writer than I am an artist.

From Death To Life Chapter 5

Amanda Janzen

Well here's the last of it...well, the last that I have written. The story isn't finnished but hopefully it will be soon

Chaos - Chpt 5 unedit

Michael Darling

Chapter 5 of Chaos

Chapter 5: Another Reading

Allison Dollar

Perhaps she will see more this time?

Cursed Five Senses

T. Tyndell

Flight of Eagles Part one

Bethany Holthof

Flight of eagles, part one. Same chara as Twisted, totally different story.


Bethany Holthof

There is a moment, in everyone's life, when they know without a doubt.... that reality is twisted...

Flight of Eagles Part Three

Bethany Holthof

part three, continued from part two... more to come

Chapter 5&6: Child of the Storm

Caitlin Schneider

Now i would like some peoples opinion on the story so far, i feel kinda like it is moving too fast, does anyone else feel this way or is just weird old me?

Elemental Images

Rebecca Dias

Five poems about the 'element fairies' of earth, fire, wind, water and love.

Keelyn, Part I

Carly Williams

I started this as just something to pick up and work on when I had a few spare minutes but I've become quite fond of Keelyn, Phillip, and Andrew. It is not finished and may never be. I just keeping adding more and more to it.

Dictionary for the Five Powers

Adriane McQuiston

This is a sort of Dictionary to my story The Five Powers. More words and phrases will be added as the story progresses. All of the words are also in alphabetical order.

The Legend of Blade: The Birth - Chapter Five

Josh Boo' Walls


Chinese Dragon's Dilemma

Paul Doyle

Originally intended to be a short story, I decided to make this a lengthy poem, mostly because I'd feel wrong being an American of Irish descent writing about a (newly-concocted) Chinese myth. So I made it a poem instead. With some tweaking it could be a poem about a Western dragon. But I digress---this poem is about an ultra-powerful five-clawed (that's digits per limb!) Imperial dragon, the very symbol of the historical Chinese Emperor himself, who makes a difficult choice based on his conscience. For those of you looking for something more 'serious' from me, this ought to fit the bill.

Documentary Earth Chapter Two

Dewald Malan

The next epic part in blah blah blah blah. Excuse last paragraph, I was really struggling...

Dark Pentagram

Jessica Ng

a meeting of two old friends discussion of what is to be done about the harsh times.

Black, White, and Adrian 5

Jayme Gilchrist

Chapter 5 for the same story: 'The Savior.' Again, please leave some tips or comments- I'd be very grateful!