Unlocked - V

Emily Kirsch

And here we have the doors.

The Dragon

Katrina Evens

a poem about a horrific dragon

The Dragon

Aaron Fredericks

This poem I wrote a few years ago for a class. It's about a town that ends up on the wrong side of a dragon.

Wonderland Is Burning

Aaron Fredericks

This poem is a poet's way of asking his reader to keep and open mind and not flee from the tale just because you don't like the twists and turns it might take. Written January 28, 1998.

Red Blaze

Kimberley Wolfe

A forest fire in the eyes of a wolf.

Burnt Sky

Vanessa Merritt

This is a dark piece, it's inspired by the way we seem to ruin the world, and the Third World countries. I was thinking, if someone is out there why don't they help ease suffering?

The Path of Ascension Chapter 4

José López Vega

As the flame consumes the desert city, so is young Alros's life left to lie as still as ashes as he must now embrace his new life, but will he survive it?

Poem: Elements

Athene Grele

This is just a random little poem about spirits. I dug it out of last year's school notebook, revised it, and decided to post it.

Wyvern Project 3: A Tale of Madness and Pride

Richard Lorenz

A Treatise on the Damnation of a Soul and its effects on Society at Large: Or, A Tale of Madness and Pride

The Price of Magic

Ally Callahan

Sasha just set her house on fire.  Now she's trapped in the alleyway with Eva and trying to find a way out.  But it'll cost more than she knows.((Random short story I wrote out of boredom.))


Brian Bergstrom

A tribute to fire....hehehe...

The Dancer

Emily Kirsch

If you've ever read The Red Boots ( I think that's what it's called ) this tale might seem familiar. It draws a bit from that but it was more or less inspired by Anouk Morgan's picture... which is included at the bottom of the story (link provided!)


Brandy Lawrence

a fire element, that oddly enough doesnt know shes and element does some damage


Angela Haynes

This is a poem about the Apocalypse. I myself do not believe the world would end like this ever, but Its rewarding to see this from a different perspective. This was inspired by some mixed emotions, but it does have the element of fantasy.

Burn the world

L. Viner

A demon brings the apocalypse just so he can be with the one he loves. An old work done several years ago.


Evan Penn

Another of my twisted, disturbed poems...hope u like it...

The Task

Hayley van Gelder

This was somethinng I found lurking in a shadowdy corner of my hardrive, it's so old I've forgotten almost everything about it. (All coming back now, though) It's another beginning, but one I quite liked - one day I will put a middle and an end on some of these! It's also not in a style I usually use, so I thought I'd give it a whirl ...

The Rising Flames (Poem)

Elizabeth Davidson

Another one about a Phoenix rising for some strange reason. :O We all said Cursed Lover would have a chance but NO! Picked 24.6.03 Thank you so much moderater people! Though I do admit, This was written 3 years ago, and it shows :)


Laura Wilson

I don't really know, this was sort of one of my strange ideas I wrote down, I'll probably take it down soon unless anyone likes it.... I may turn it into a story I don't know.

Dragons Consumed In Flame (poem)


Here's a disturbing little poem about dragons and their fire...