Easy Pickings

Ben Marroquin

The following piece of horror flash fiction is based upon a character of a novel I'm currently working on; Seraph Hunters. It mixes the horror genre with the comic book genre. I hope you enjoy it.


Maksim B. Malik

Below is a short-short story (I suppose flash fiction) that I wrote as part of a 10 minute writing exercise using a nifty bit of software called WriteThis. As it is the result of an exercise, I have not edited it or revised it in any fashion. This is just the result after the ten minutes.

Night Falls

Ben Marroquin

Night Falls is a piece of flash fiction horror that I wrote for a writing contest. Hope you enjoy it.

Road Rage

Ben Marroquin

Just a little fun piece of horror flash fiction. It takes place in the world of seraph hunters, but is an independent story with no characters from the book I’m working on. Hope you enjoy it.


Jeremy Williams

A piece of flash fiction written for a writing forum challenge. The theme was resolutions with a 200 word count maximum.


Jeremy Williams

A flash piece for the scribes challenge. The theme was 'the queen' with a 200 word count maximum.

The Feast

Ben Marroquin

I've started a new category on my blog titled: Flash Fiction - Micro Fiction. In honor of the new category I wrote a new piece called The Feast. I hope you enjoy it.


Emily Kirsch

Okay, so this isn't really Fantasy. More Sci-fi... but not either. More or less, the lady's looking back on her love, her life.

Flash Backs

Leandri Klopper

Layla is 'n teenage girl who has to deal with the going away of her lover.

From 'Great American'

Ashlyn White

This is a fight scene from a WIP (work in progress) that I wrote one day. I like it just fine (kinda) but the rest of the story is being stubborn and so it is sitting in the corner like a bad child until I can get creative without acting like a deus ex machina.

Shortest Ghost Story Ever

Joshua Price

 Once upon the date of 2/17/10, a bored college student got a random idea to write something ridiculously short.  After some thought, he decided to write a fantasy story using as few sentences as possible.  He came close to what he knew he could do, but wound up being much more descriptive than he had to be and felt compelled to include a "the end".  Regardless, he was satisfied and decided to upload it to Elfwood as a ridiculously short piece of fantasy literature.  He decided to call it "micro-fiction", though he suspected it had a proper name and may have simply fell under the category of "flash fiction".  He shrugged and decided it didn't matter.  After finishing up, he gazed upon the description of the story he wrote and noted that it was, amusingly, several times longer than the actual story.  He kept it that way.The end.

The Awakening ch 3 (c)

Kelly Wade

Illianna realizes her change.