Faolán's Bio

Phil Frederick

The brief beginning of Faolán

Futures Past Ch. 8&9

Michelle Lackey

So, now we enter the realm of what actually happened and just how out of balance Turbo really is. This deals with some explanation, but I rather like the fight. So far, Elyria doesn't seem really all that bright. Oh, and the world doesn't really revolve around Turbo... just so you know. Read on.

Luck and Lust : The Players Regroup

Brian Cook

This is the first chapter in the story I am currently writing. The entire thing with all it's chapters is titled 'Luck and Lust.' The short story in my Elfwood Library is sort of a prologue for this one. Had to include my favorite character of course. Tell me what you think of it, always looking to make an improvement.

Cerise 02

Brian Jones

Here's 'chapter 2,' where it dives into a specific time in Cerise's past. Enjoy!

Dark Clouds

Andy LeFevour

This is a story all about Thor from Norse myth. It's long! If you like mythology, dig in. If you are unfamiliar, then maybe i can get you hooked.

Futures Past Ch. 1-3

Michelle Lackey

This story is the background behind the picture in the sci-fi art gallery. It is about the three different dimensions that are near copies of one another. In this story, though, only two meet one another. I figure one revelation at a time was enough for these people. Too much and they might kill over. Anyway, the story follows the evolution of Unicorns through time and how they would react if they could meet their former selves. Chapters 1-3, have fun.

Drakmore's tale

Chris Godsey

Just part of a role playing character of mine, not fully done yet, but wanted to get something up on the page to show my work style.

Cerise 03

Brian Jones

'Chapter 3.' This looks at a crucial piece of Cerise, and takes another dip into the past. Enjoy!


Tiffany Killingsworth

Past lives can be wretched things for reincarnating beings. Sometimes it's difficult for the soul to let go of perceived sins of the past

Eternal Twilight: chapter 03

Roel Vries

Before conducting his investigation, Semir decides to take some time for himself.

Article of South Oaks Prison Execution

Chelsea Pizio

I'm wanting to write a new story of a picture I've drawn. I don't have access to a scanner yet so I don't have a way to show you the picture. It's a stoy of an executioner spirit, or maybe to be considered an immortal demon, by the name Verdugo. I'm wanting to incert articles and tid-its of information from past cultures to decribe Verdugo as others have seen them. I guess it's hard to explain now, but as soon as I finish it, you'll understand. This excert talks of a reporter who read diaries and documents from a prison that was suspected for being owned and run by a cult before its destruction due to structural defects.

Shadow-Dancing, Part 4: Memories

Rachel Armstrong

I really hate flashbacks, but they were the only way I could think of to get all the necessary background information in here. It's written kinda choppy, I know, but I did that on purpose--when was the last time you had a memory that was completely clear and coherent? ; ) I apologize for the length, but it used to be even worse--Parts 4 and 5 used to be the same part. (Uff, I'm going to get up to part 87 or something on this before I have the common sense to stop . . .) Oh, and for sake of clarity, elves age at about half the speed of humans.

Seremidal's Flashbacks

Anna Arwen' Eash

So. This is after Seremidal and lord Aricin of Avalbane start over with a new relationship, over 50 years after Efion dies. Soon after they get together again and she actually lets everyone know that they're so unquestionably in love--*dramatic sigh*--she's kidnapped. And, chya. Haven't decided whether they are married after or before this though, probably before, though both hold their difficulties, but anywho. She has nightmares and flashbacks about the whole kidnapping ordeal. There are two parts here, both fairly small, so I combined them.

Futures Past Ch. 10-12

Michelle Lackey

More on the note of not revolving around Turbo. Though she is important to the well-being of most other creatures so far (and their not-so-well-being), there are those who could get along without her and those who wish she had never been born. Enough of my babbling. Plot thickening ahead. Plow on through. Good critics, let me know what you think.

Futures Past Ch. 4-7

Michelle Lackey

'And the plot thickens...' Who is Eagleye and is there anyone around with a sense of humor? Of course! The story continues, introducing a sly Gryphon and some more friends from Turbo's past. Hopefully this section will dive a little deeper into the differences between Turbo and her fellow Unicorns. Once again, slice and dice, good critics! *NOTE* This section deals with repairs being performed on Turbo. Though details are not explored, squeamishness is possible.

Undecided 2


Number 2! So yes, part of this is a flash back. My main character is Sam/Samantha, and Greg is less important, but still a very important character to the story.

Unicorn Dreams

Tiffanie Gray

This is a short story based on a poem I wrote. The poem is contained in the story, so...two for the price of one!

Childhood of a Villain

E. Szydloski

I have caved and decided to post a few of the flashbacks I have written for the second draft of The White Flame. You don't have to have read The White Flame to read this, but you'll probably get more out of it if you're familiar with the characters. I've changed a bunch of names and a bunch of name spellings between drafts, so for reference: Gordan=Gorden, Gairick=Gerik, Deiniol=Danjay, Margh=Dolfus, Caladh=Ben. Brae's name is the same, and all other names here are new characters. If you don't remember Dolfus and Ben, they were only mentioned briefly in the first draft, so don't worry about it. And Danjay, if you've forgotten, is the Grand Master. So basically what we've got here are some hidden early warning signs of the traits and circumstances which turned Gordan, the villain in my book The White Flame, down his path to... villaindom. I had a lot of fun with these. I hope you all like them. When I finish the second draft, each chapter will start with a short flashback.