Race Through the Mirror

Andrew O'Steen

Ugh, another one in the works. Just seeking some opinions, as it's in a somewhat different style. I think i may need to expand it a bit, even though it IS just the very beginning

The Fated Rise of a Hero

Christopher Grant

A cocky ex-knight with a loose grip on reality finds himself in conflict with a murderous warrior as he flees for his life.

Re-Incarnate: Ch. 17-22

Dale Hardman

The next part of the saga. Don't want to ruin it, so I'll shut up. Happy reading.

The Legacy

Anastasia I-Morn-Gwathren

A legacy to live by..., well, in a fantasy world, I suppose.

Green Land 05: Signs of Life

Richard Lorenz

We are fleeing Death. It is all around us. In the midst of despair, we find hope. Black, hopeless hope.


M Mmmmm

Just a start (or finish?) to a story about a female vampire trying to escape...

A Window by the Sea

Justen Waterhouse

A strange woman fights for her freedom

Rakkor's Journal; Entry 4

Michael Keith

The Fourth entry in 'Rakkor's Journal', part of the 'Allusions' series

The Death of Acan - 6

Matthew Donovan

This is only earlt work on this chapter... another turn in the road, another viewpoint to be seen.

What's Your Lucky Number? Six? You Lose! (6)

Cly Novak

This is were Maxx is finally forced to come face-to-face with his changing perception of life. He is forced to run away to avoid hurting his friends. In his little day trip, he meets Sisserly, a little drakon who later bears his only son. Her family are rather corny, only because they don't live past this chapter.

Lost : Part one

Mel Angel) Wright

In this, Rhien is about 17 or 18... There's more to come.. Her story's a bit disjointed at the moment, but it'll get better...

Gorbag part 7

Erik Jensen

The story goes on... 8056 bytes. This is the second version.

Ship of Death (Prologue)

Kiota Bandal

There's not much of a plot yet, but there will be, I promise... comment or else I don't put up the next chappie.

01 - Dark Master

Rachel Pears

This is character background for Zith. It takes place in the dark-elf dungeon, deep below the surface world. In this tale Zith enters into a bargain with Vadagh, the dark-elf sorceror. Note from the writer - please go easy on my punctuation I know it's not perfect. All comments welcome - I will endeavour to reply.

Green Land 04: Death of the Great Tree

Richard Lorenz

Although not delineated fully in the story, the Great Tree is symbolic, to the people of White Oak, of their prosperity. Much of the town revelry and celebrations took place there. To find it dead is a blow to their own self image.

The Fey chap. 3

Alyssa Ullmeyer

Aeric escorts Lara to the nearest town in order to send her on her way. Of course, not everything goes as planned... I hesitated in putting this up because I'm not completely happy with several elements of it, the most difficult to fix being the sudden disappearance of dialect. The sorry truth is that a good friend of mind found the dialect tedious to read, and so I just kind of edited it out from this point on. In the end, though, I figured you'd be happier to have it than not. I can always fix the problems in the next rewrite. Feel free to comment. Criticism is a good thing!!! ;)

The Hunt

Jen OCarroll

A young werewolf flees hunters, whether or not he escapes is another matter....


A.k. Solanke

Hmmm, I'm not sure what I was trying to achieve here as this was my first attempt at writing something in this genre. Nevertheless it is supposed to be about a vampire...

The Accident

Aaron Alexander

This is the first (written, not chronological) story about Rabek Jeris. He's a character I play on www.dragonhame.com and I'm rather proud of it. It isn't a happy story, so be warned. Although I play him on the DragonHame forums, the village of Emani and everything else in the story is original.

Rakkor's Journal; Entry 3

Michael Keith

The third entry in Rakkor's Journal