The Perfect Garden

Elizabeth Cordes

Well, there's not much I can say about this one except that I was really really depressed when I wrote it. Why do all my best works happen when I'm sad?...

Loth Excuse Story 2

Yves Jacques

Story written on the fly to explain the presence of a portrait of my boyfriend in my Loth gallery.

Endless Dance

Tiffany Kotasek

This is a very, VERY old poem. Ughhh... I do believe two years ago. I don't even know why I'm putting it on... Dear me...

The Dream Walkers

Tiffany Kotasek

Probably one of my most dramatic pieces yet.

Flowers of the sun

Guillermo García

a small (very) poem which i wrote about a dessert. Not exactly fiction but.... still the desert and the plants are unreal.

Not Natural

Peter Blair

Another one of my agonizing pieces, I suppose. Hopefully, the anguish is in the story, and not the reader. o_O I think I've decided to implement this into the same world that Mother of Tears comes from, but I don't know that it will fit in early. Let me know what you think. I'm working on several others, but my output seems to have slowed down recently. I'm sure that comments would help me to put out more work (not so subtle hint ;). I have to dedicate this story to my lovely despicable (in a good way) wife. She poked and prodded at this story till it reached this stage. She is still very disturbed by it, and she won't let me carry sharp implements around the house any more.

Mr. Linden's Library

Amanda Hopkins

Once again an assignment, this time in 5th grade. It's not my best, but what the heck, here ya go.

A Flower and a Butterfly

Anastasia I-Morn-Gwathren

I first wrote this poem ages ago, back when my knowledge of English was a bit, well, absent. Since then I periodically experienced fits of editing and this poem was not spared. So, this is the version 'so far.' Eventually my plan is to write a tiny-teeny book illustrating this poem. Eventually.

The Song of the Raindrop Fairies

Anniina Jokinen

There is a melody to which this can be sung, but I am not savvy enough to transcribe it myself.

Mrilla Blossoms

Joseph Wartick

A Samurai's most sacred item is a blossom from the beautiful Mrilla Tree.

The Flower

Nicole Walraven

Again, with being broken up with, written just after 'Lost Perfection'.

Gentle Touches Of Snow

monique Hout

this is a poem about Snow. A young elven girl. It's written from the perspective of her secret lover.

The Flower at the Window

Nim White

I wrote this many years ago, and I still use it in my concerts .... I guess you could say it has stood the test of time.

Amaranth - Part 1

Elie Pearson

One day on their way home from work Gaddiel and Abraham, the brothers Brown, find a creature that will change their lives forever.  While Gaddiel is increasingly wary of this new find Abraham is increasingly drawn to it.

Amaranth - Part 3

Elie Pearson

Whilst Gaddiel's panic grows, Abraham begins to fall deeper into Amaranth's spell.

Amaranth - Part 4

Elie Pearson

Sarah comes to a sudden realisation and things rapidly begin to go wrong.

Amaranth - Part 5

Elie Pearson

Abraham has never been more at peace, but peace was never meant to last...

Of Fans and Fire Flowers

Candace Hoes

The ultimate weapon for smiting dragons, a flower made out of fire! And yet, the dragon has a secret weapon... A poem from a hero's point of view.

Flower Power

Cassandra Cobb

Great things often come in very small packages.

Fiery Dream World

Amy Murrpau' Chonko

This is my world and despite what you all may think it does exist...on the astral plane however