Funmi Folashade

a poen about fairies


Jessie Lerch

A short story about the tastiest divination I've ever heard of!

Night Flowers

Joanna Byrne

Poem about dreaming and then realizing it might have happened. or maybe the other way around: some thing happening and you thinking it was a dream.

Never Be Seen

Amanda Johnson

A shorty little poem abut a fluttery unseen peoples

The Fairies of the Dawn

Anniina Jokinen

The Song of the Raindrop Fairies

Anniina Jokinen

There is a melody to which this can be sung, but I am not savvy enough to transcribe it myself.

It's cold

Marianne Cassidy

I went to CTYI this summer and did a course called Writing for Life. It helped me produce some of my best work to date. Credit to my teacher, Yvonne, for bringing us to a graveyard for inspirational purposes. Never would have written this story otherwise. Anyway, this piece has been affectionately nicknamed 'The Dead Baby Story' by my classmates. It's somewhat abstract. Leave me comments! This story got Mod's Choice, August 19th, 2004. Go raibh mile maith agat! Someone high-five me! NOW!

Club Chrysalis

Rochelle Watts

Faeries are like butterflies, with their pretty wings, so I thought why don't they go through chrysalis? Of course that lead to the thought of fae larvae. Ewwww.

The Plain Princess- Chapter One: Poaching in the Forest

Elizabeth Walker aka 'Moth'

The first chapter of my story The Plain Princess. We are introduced to our heroes as they meet in the forest during a rather sticky situation.

Fleeing From Dragons

Robyn Petrik

I wrote this poem about modern poet Karen Connelly. She had a tough life growing up, represented here by the dragons. She's got great stuff, check her out sometime ^_^

These Meadows of God

Robyn Petrik

I wrote this poem in grade 8 as a school assignment. I'm pretty happy with it, but there are a couple of lines that don't really fit.

'The Bouquet'

Lindsay Mitchell

This is based, partially, on a true story that happened to me several years ago. It's about being invited to something and then being in the way or underfoot and the frustration that can cause, as well as the dangerous emtions and visciousness that can result.

Mel's Haiku

Michael (Amujr) Upchurch

No, I wrote them, not Melissa. I wrote these when I was thinking about a letter I had been writing her which I lost. She likes dragons a lot, by the way. We won't go into further details here. I should probably email her to check this new stuff out, huh?

The Enchanted Garden

Monica Labins

A delightful children's story about garden fairies inspired by a book I had as a small child, "The Flower Princesses"  by Jerry Smath.  I would love to get illustrations for it so if you are an artist and are interested, PLEASE contact me!  I'm an atrocious drawer lol

Fairy game

Katarina Baralić

I did something like this few months ago and I really liked it so I decided to creare another one similar but with drawing, writing and some fantasy elements, of course. I hope you will enjoy.... or you won't. :D

She Sings While Walking (Poem)


This poem is from the perspective of Death as she walks through the land on a day in late autumn.

That Which Was Hidden: Chapter 2

Beth Master' Lewis

Matar and Kaitos make their way to the Lair of the Arborea, and Matar gets a rather strange.... umm... lecture? Introduces Kerrin of the Faynar, and her younger sister, Talrah.

A Black Flower

Emily Grist

This is for Damien R. Tauri, a wonderful writer who I suggest you go visit immediately. I wrote this on his request, since I never write poetry and he says I should. I don't think this is very good, but then again, I don't really like poems. About a dryad and her tree dying. I think it's got potential... By the way, I made up two words. 'Skyless' and 'Nightless.' Yes. I am the female version of Shakespeare. But not really.


Booj PillowGoblin

Urm. Ja I know the title sucks, but I REALLY coudln't think of a title. Also Garden is a spiffy song by Dir en Grey. Um, well this was in the back of my mind so i wrote it up, and it worked.


Nik Hanis

A poem about a heavenly valley but it is not heaven.