Jen OCarroll

The origin of the elders, the sister races and the herditary title of Lord.

Old Man black

Henrik Lerdahl

This is my attempt at a piece of folklore, an old song about the mythical figure known as 'Old Man black'. The people see him as the personification of death, and the owner of all souls that have died. This song illustrates common belief in why necromancy is so dangerous: In trying to master death, you essentially surrender your life to him before actually dying. In trying to command him, you end up his slave. Hmmm. I really have to upload those myths about him soon, so I won't have to explain all this all the time.

The Gnomes and the Dragon

Alisha Dean

 A gnomish folktale explaining how gnomes came to worship dragons.

Elven Folklore Prologue

J Taylor

In the elven Tribe of Knowledge lived two companions, separated by both age and study. Although very different, they were wonderful friends; until tragedy befell them both. REvision: September 2004

Elven Folklore Part 9

J Taylor

With the days of travel ahead, Alín must prove leadership and thinking that he never thought would be required. What friendships have been forged out of need as the mixed group of Pride of Fire and Water's Life set out? And will these loyalties prove useful or dangerous in the situations to come?

Legend of the Firebird

Kelsie Elizabeth

This is a tale based around the mythology of the Russian firebird. It's not really set in Russia, but who's counting? March 2003 6 pgs

Bean Sidhe

Mandi Huffman

I wrote this last year for an English assignment. It's a bit rough, I do have to admit and I'd like to write a new version. But now time! High school life is hectic! But, I love this piece and I actually got off my lazy butt to do research! LOL~;)

Out of the Old Country: The Lorelei in Oklahoma

Nadia Rundlett

Once upon a time, German immigrants managed to bring the Lorelei with them when they moved to their new home in Oklahoma. I wrote this at ten o'clock at night when I should have been finishing my lab report for chem. Personally, I much more pleased with how the story turned out than with the final results of the lab report.

Time and Memory

Victoria Griffin

From time to time, I get especially inspired by my Muse and the words seem to flow out almost faster than I can write them down...this was the result of one of those occasions. I was fortunate enough to have it included in a small press UK publication called 'ELF Magazine' a few years ago. :)

Forbbiden Fruit

Camille Sabino

This i was inspired by the legends of the Angels that fell from heaven and chose to mate with the women of the earth. When i wrote this i only had one angel in mind.........Sammael aka Lucifer or Satan. He can be such a temptation......right?

Raiven's Luck 002

Crystal Meth

The second chapter in the Raiven stories for your pleasure! This one begins with a trip...

Pipkin's Quest

Rebecca Brown

Pipkin, the elf goes to meet the High Ones.

Elven Folklore Part 2-1

J Taylor

As the council gathers together, another from a different tribe comes with more information. A decision must be reached by the council, but how will they cope with the dilemma. Updated REvision: (mod date)

Elven Folklore Part 1-1

J Taylor

Temmá, now grown, has many challenges to face: his relationships, his duty, and the scrutiny of others. Memories return to haunt him and threaten the community in which he lives. REvision: (mod date)

Elven Folklore Part 8

J Taylor

Having to leave his family earlier than expected, Alín must leave his son in the care of another family. How will the child cope with the absence of his only family member? And what challenges await the father, who now leads the large group away?

Chronicles of Bayne: Book 1, Chapter 1

Stuart Gray

Very rough draft.  First attempt of blending folklore and myth with a western style genre.

How the Hunter was humbled by Fox Who Tells Stories

Henrik Lerdahl

I've always enjoyed the old fables about the various animals and their doing, like "how Bear lost his tail" or "why Leopard has spots". I''d been thinking about trying to write something for that genre myself, and the other day I suddenly found myself with an hour or two of unexpected free time. So I simply sat myself down at the first computer I chanced to come upon, and soon tappity-tapped my way through the entirety of this story. It's inspired by a combination of the British ban on fox-hunting, my love for trickster figures and all the folk-tales about clever foxes I grew up with. The original plan was to make several of these little stories, all of them focusing on various foxes and their doings, but I'll just have to wait and see how it goes before commenting further on this.

The Ivory Effect

Peter Blair

My contribution to Herscher Project 20. Shed a tear with me as you read it. We've ruined so many children with facts. Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with facts, but I don't think it should impede imagination. While not entirely applicable, the words of Paul Eldridge come to mind: 'In the spider-web of facts, many a truth is strangled.'

The Warlord's Daughter Prologue

Delia Seilly

I would like to dedicate this story to everyone at Steelsings, especially those who helped and encouraged me to write the original story; Lis, Blade, Maat for pointing out all my errors grammatical or otherwise, Raven, Evenstar, XshaynAX and everyone else who urged me to write more. I truly never would have done it without you. This is the Prologue (surprise surprise) of my story. The main characters are introduced and you see the beginnings of an inevitable culture clash. I revamped the original and tidied a few things up, but nothing very major. It flows better now. Comments would be lovely or if you want to tear my work into shreds, go right ahead, just do it constructively, please ;) Enjoy!


J Taylor

One of my grandmother's favorite tales is an Irish shapechanging demon called a pooka. This piece original received Mod's Choice on February 22, 2005. Constructive Criticism is appreciated on this and any piece you read, as are any comments.