Chapter 06

Emma K. Simon

The 6th chapter to my story. I'm working on the 7th as you read this, if you have any ideas for a title, I'm ready and willing to listen!

Pass the sauce

Steven James

light hearted humor of a bunch of dragons and their meal.

Chapter 6 - Deljin

Debra Turpin

Hmmm... Well, this was misnamed when I put them back up! In this chapter Deljin finally reawakens and gets food and tries to prepare her for her Rebirth. She gets a little better acquainted with Chian.

Food trouble

S. Aitakangas

Weird as hell, this little gem was sparked into life by one of the crazy conversations I engage in on IRC. Whoever catches the tribute I implanted in the story gets a brownie.

Fenner Tarran, food critic extroadinaire

Rosie a.k.a female fred

I didn't bother re-reading this story now that I've returned to Wyvern's library.. I probably should have done, but I didn't. I wrote it a very long time ago though, and I liked it then when I was.. 14, probably.

Part 6

Michael DeSousa

Hey Cidren found another writing...good for him, Check it out and tell me what you think

My Shortest Story

Daniel Bejan

The title says it all : this is my shortest story. This one is dedicated to you, Renee!Thanx for all your help and making possible many of my stories. Thank you. As for you , my readers, if you are looking for a good laugh...try this story.

Sins of Passion ch.3

Shuo Chen

Raider 05: Willy the Cat

Richard Lorenz

The hero gets a name and a meal, but not a haircut.

Untamed Picture – Installment 2

Nathanael Eisner

This is the next piece of Tom’s adventures in the new world! He found himself here in the last part, now he must figure out how to survive!Remember: Jesus will provide for you!

DS3 - The power switches hands

Claire Hassell

In this chapter our lovely Laura suddenly becomes very brave and mischievous, and well... I'll let you guess what happens, sorry about the ending, the next chapter is a flashback so... enjoy! Note to the mods, I put this under modern fantasy because I was unsure of its category.

Chapter 3

Emma Wright

if you've read the last two chapters you know the characters now here's the story so you know whats likely to happen...

The Quill (Part 9)

Julia Gilstein

Once again, I've been extremely busy and haven't done as much with this as I've wanted to. But here it is, with a reappearance of old characters.

An Ivory Tale, Chapter Ten: A Grey Wolf in a Sheep's Skin

Toni Kaukinen

This one's been waiting for far too long. Varus' little personal crusade out of spite and curiosity took a nose dive, but he hasn't stopped, oh no, he hasn't. Unfortunately, he needs to consolidate his forces -- and he finds an ally in the strangest of states.

Refrigerator Pixies

Laura Korska

I don't know what I was thinking. Really.

Dimensia Excerpt: No One and Nothing

Melissa Jensen

More of Giovanni's wonderful adventure. There is no specific order to the excerpts as of yet, but I think this one comes before Doppelganger. In this excerpt, he is asked to take part in an interesting dining experience, and meets a new friend.


Nielda Ramos

A poem of a little demon I like to call hunger

Fire Wind (chapter one)

Natalie Myers

this is a story about a boy named Nick who happens to get drawn into something larger than he thought possible.

Of the Goblin

Damjan Mozetic

A sad story of a different kind of a goblin.

Ori and the Sheperd Girl

Marianne Cassidy

Ori is a human/troll hybrid. Written in the first person. Criticism of a constructive nature, welcome as always.