PlanetSide: Tzhagane (3)

V. Lehkonen

The third chapter for the PlanetSide project I and Matt started! Well, actually it's the end of the second chapter, only finished. They were better as separate chapters. The illustration was drawn by me and here's the bigger version of the picture. Update (2007-04-29): Some typos... yeah. If you find any strange uncomprehensible things, tell me! The weird words are explained in my dictionary file.

PlanetSide: Tzhagane (1)

V. Lehkonen

This story began when Matt Summers said 'good morning' to me, and I replied with 'good evening'. That is, this is my first part of the PlanetSide project. This part of the story is mainly finished, but I might add some more detail later. Update (2004/02/04): I added some more detail and corrections. The next chapter is next to this one. Update (2004/05/05): Some MORE detail and I made Kale and Theri go deeper into the dead kid issue. Update (2004/12/13): Some serious editing, detail and... yeah. Update (2007-04-29): Some typos... yeah. The Tzhagane are a telepathic, androgynous species I thought up. Originally most of them didn't have wings, but in the mountain area they live in the nature favoured the winged ones, so now most of them have wings. These tzhaganes are technologically quite advanced. Enjoy the awesome pronouns! I'm sure you can rhyme them with the plural third person. They will sound weird first but you should get used to it. For the still confused: ey = he/she eir = her/his eirs = hers/his em = her/him emself = herself/himself Please, tell me if there's anything, even tiny things, that might need correction. (I know there's one sentence that's particularly awful. I'm really taking suggestions on how to make that more readable.) The weird words are explained in my dictionary file.

Xsyl'lann part II

Carlos Buckner

Congratulation! You made it through part I; thanks for continuing! This is, again, a rough draft, and I am looking forward to whatever feedback you care to offer. Lots of comments please!

Foreign Mage

Chris Poole

A fun poem

Xsyl'lann part III

Carlos Buckner

Xsyl and Margriithe (finally) continue to seek the source of the plague afflicting their little town.

Sestranon Clearfaith and the Second Mage War

Erik Jensen

Sestranon Clearfaith describes his part in the events that lead to the Second Mage War. 3,051 words, just over 6 pages.

Legends Retold: The Last She-Wolf Chapter I

Jennifer Nelson

In an Alternate Reality in the Desert of French occupied Algeria, Mission DuLac is the last of her kind. She is a Werewolf. Her endite family was murdered one night when a Hunter them. Her father had been a colonel in the Foreign Legion and she is cared for by the legionaires until a mysterious man comes and offers to bring Mission to live with him. Some of the dates are still off, I'm still doing research on the proper time periods. I hope all of the translations are correct. If I missed any please let me know and I'll edit them as soon as possible.

The Exile

Jacqueline AKA Eilonnwy

This story was originally for an English but I turned it into an epilogue for my Lei Fyrlight story. Before you read this, you should read Lei Fyrlight part one and two, but you can read it seperate if you want.

PlanetSide: Tzhagane (2)

V. Lehkonen

The second chapter for the PlanetSide project I and Matt started! Update (2004/05/05): Added some more stuff to the end, but it's still unfinished... Update (2004/12/13): Took the 'unfinished' part away and made it into its own chapter, and added the scene. Update (2007-04-29): Some typos... yeah. Tell me if you find any weird things or mistakes! The weird words are explained in my dictionary file.

Xsyl'lann part I

Carlos Buckner

This is the first part of my current attempt to compose a novel-length story. It's a rough draft, and there are about thirty thousand ideas in my head that I'd eventually like to incorporate, but you've got to start somewhere, right? Anyway, please comment, profusely. I know it needs help. . . .

Ember's Book 1 ( Fletian Chronicles): Of Simon and Dance

Lisa Sanders

Originally written for a roleplay character years ago, I turned the 'saga' of one girl into an entirely new world. It began with just this and they (my friends) wanted more. It has been altered from it's original version to accommodate the continuing stories. The original will be made easily available once I have a library up on my own.

Dictionary of Foerign Terms

Emily Lacy-Nichols

Contains all foreign words and phrases used in my stories

PlanetSide: Tzhagane (4)

V. Lehkonen

The fourth chapter for the PlanetSide project I and Matt started! Now, somebody wanted a history paper of the culture and history of my creatures... Here is one! Hm... I'll probably need to add stuff to this when I think it over again... If you find any strange uncomprehensible things, tell me! Update (2007-04-29): Some typos... yeah. The weird words are explained in my dictionary file.

Double Agent Chapter 2

Kathryn Connor

This is chapter 2. Kiyassk gets sold, but just wait and see to whom she is sold... Chapter 3 may take a bit to put up since I am suffereing from writer's block... CURSES!


Alison Guynes

This is a dictionary of all of the foreign terms I use in my stories. I hope to eventually get all of the translations off of my regular stories and keep them centrally located in this file.This is edited to make things a bit easier to read. Eventually I will list all stories beside the word/words that are used in them. Right now there are some words in the dictionary from stories I've taken down. I plan on eventually putting these stories back up.

PlanetSide: Tzhagane (5)

V. Lehkonen

The fifth chapter for the PlanetSide project I and Matt started. Enjoy the conflicts! I think I've gotten better at English now, so at least the end should be pretty nitpicked. The weird words are explained in my dictionary file.