Taaron and the Sheltering Oak - Part One

Andy Bradley

A short fantasy adventue i am writing just for fun. I will post each part as i write it, and hope i can keep you coming back for more. I would love to know what anyone thinks (if anyone ever reads it that is!) so please send me as many comments as possible on what i do right and what i do wrong.

Beyond the Wastes - Chapter 3

Trevor Yuill

Chapter 3!!! (who would have guessed? You would have?!?!?! Really? My god!) Anyway...best one yet in my opion. Enjoy.

Beyond the Wastes - Chapter 2

Trevor Yuill

Second chapter of Beyonf the Wastes (who would have known?) Starts to actually get interesting here.

Elven Arrows Part 1

Jasmine Matsumuro

How a young woman changed the world through the centries.

Carnival Wolves

Urpo Lankinen

Two explorers venture in the heart of wooded valley to discover something, well, *cute*.

Mercenary II The Gray Empire, Chapter one A Gray World *Censored Version*

Frankie Price

Well, it took 38 hours non-stop to finish this! This is my first story in a very, very long time. 15 years or around there. If there is any problem with the story please say so, I need to know, so I know either to make another chapter or not.Thanks: tumbleweed444

Myri (beginning...)

Claire Colvin

Hmm...this is just something I typed up one day...I have no clue where the plot is headed, I didn't plan it at all. Tell me if you like it; maybe I'll finish it someday...

Aranieth Tiorliel

Matthew Wainwright

Ah ... love ... Tiorliel was the daughter of Timbreth, who ruled in the realm of Niremar. She fell in love with Maedror (yes, the son of Rinaeth who we saw as a ghost in an earlier poem - but his is another, much longer story!), but when he left Niremar (for reasons which are there but not listed here just yet) she went after him. The Aldenad translation at the end is one of the first I did, and is not quite grammatically correct in all respects. But no-one's perfect.

Forest of Amakiir: Departure

Steve Melka

This is the redone Forest of Amakiir beginning...I'll be doing more as time goes on.. very sorry about the extra spaces...really dont know why those are in there

UFT-1: Once Upon a Time...

Mandi Embree

Chapter one following the prologue- We meet Melanie Mae Brooks, an average high school student struggling to pass her English Lit class. Her father hires a tutor for her and she finds herself walking down a street that she's sure never existed before, to a place unlike any other she's seen in her town...

The Black Rider: Part III

Dave Baverstock

The third part to TBR, if you havn't already, read the first two parts for the story to make sense. Enjoy!

Forest's Farewell

Rebekah VanSlooten

A very short short story that I randomly came up with and wrote as fast as I could before it escaped my mind(hence the reason I carry my notebook with me everywhere)). I hope you like it! Not really sure what  the  more specific background is, but I figure it out sooner or later!


Corrie Meyer

Jack is from the planet Xttsin. His family was all distroyed by a rebel group known as the 3rd Gens, can he survive

Taaron and the Sheltering Oak - Part Two

Andy Bradley

The second part of my fantasy adventure. I would really sppeciate anyones comments on this and the first part, especially if you would like to read more!

The Woman of the Forest

Ilana Greenberg

'They never knew quite what she was, a human gone wild or a faeren queen, a woodland sprite or the Devil in disguise. But, as is most often the case with the race of men, ignorance led to fear and fear to hatred. And, as any good child of man knows, that which is hated and feared must be destroyed.'

The Black Rider: Part II

Dave Baverstock

This contains the second part of The Black Rider, working on the final part. PLEASE READ PART I FIRST. comments and opinions appreciated - thanks.

Lay of what was lost

Jimmy Brandt

Just a short poem I wrote. Enjoy.


Christie Lovat

This is the beginning of a story I started writing when I discovered that almost every origional idea had already been thought up by someone else. So this is my attempt at writing something completely origional. (Hey, I'm a very optomistic person) Anyway I hope you people reading this like it and don't hold it's weird storyline against it ;)

Shin No Ippo 6 Pt II

Brandon Christ

Mai and Rayne find themselves in a different place and discover a secret.

Of Evangelism and Petunias

A.R. George

At last, I have -half- a story written in more or less cohesive fashion ... obviously not polished, but there you go. ;) Here begin the not-really-heroic adventures of Caius and Morgant, and a serious of sad forays on the author's part into attempted wit which often fall very flat. ;P If you like it, or don't hate it too aggressively, you can also read the excerpt 'Of Insanity and Pointy Ears' afterwards ...