Nefarious Philippa McMahon

How Marveil met Sickonlo...theres more, but my poor fingers hurt from typing..

The OMEGA Project: Chapter Three

Lacey Wright

Okay okay. I know I've made some of you suffer intolerable agony for making you wait so long. I truly apologize, but I had a lot of trouble writing this chapter. I thought I would get farther so I could explain some of the biotechnical stuff, but it just didn't work out that way. In between a week of camp and my computer acting up, it took me three tries to get the chapter going. So please bear with me: I despise this chapter. If you can think of some improvements I can make or have any ideas, feel free to criticize politely. CONSTRUCTIVE! If that word is too big, look it up at A very handy website, I believe. The next chappie should be up soon, if not at the same time. Later!

The Last of Kind (Ext.)

Robin Morero

Short fantasy-style poem.

Ancient Chant

Nefarious Philippa McMahon

This chant had been used in the first 'mk'non' but its meaning was only discovered in the fith 'mk'non'. This is only a rough translation though, and the meaning of some words are still undecided.


Danielle Sanderson

Just a short poem I wrote in my American Lit class. Excruciatingly boring, it was, that class. Don't know where the poem came from; it kind of wrote itself. I'm actually very proud of it.

Betrayal of the Killer

Sara Rupp-Moody

Two people duking it out...wOOT!

Covenant Waters - Chapter 2 (revised)

Rachel Lamine

Deshereh learns the identity of the wounded man.

Forsaken: Part 7 Showdown

Hillary Kent

Hello again!  At long, long last, here I am, back with the long promised next chapter to Forsaken.  Sorry about the extended wait, but, hey, at least its here now. :)In this part, we hear a lot more answers and a lot less new mysteries (finally).  Most important of all though, we FINALLY find out who Terien really is.  Read on for the rest, and don't forget to let me know what you think. Part 8, and the conclusion to the Forsaken will follow shortly...

Forsaken: Part 4 A Change of Plan

Hillary Kent

At long, long last, here is the infamous part 4 to my ongoing legend of the Forsaken!  Parts 1 to 3 were one of the first things I published here at Elfwood over a year ago, and I decided one day, quite randomly, that I may as well break out the word file and finish it.  (What can I say, I was bored)  So, here you are, part 4 all jazzed up and ready for all those lovely (or confused, depending on your reaction) comments.  Enjoy. 

Forsaken: Part 5 The Forgotten City

Hillary Kent

Part 5, just as part 4, is was also completed this weekend--after much banging my head against the keyboard.  In which we meet: a fairy, a ruined elfin city, and another murder.  More about the elf, more about the girl, and generally more about the plot, is also included.  Feel free to chastise, condemn, admire, hate, criticize, or generally turn into a soppy fan, as long as you tell me about it at the end. 

Misadventures Four: Silence

Pamela Lehmann

Back to Iliva again! She has not seen Tulomon in three months, but she still loves him, and she is starting to achieve a catatonic state... Please note, this story is darker than the other three. But still rated around G.

Tortured Angel

Ryan Silver' M. Curtiss

The angel here is molded from how I would see one of my friends if they were an angel....

Forsaken: Part 6 Breaking Away

Hillary Kent

Ok, so this is about as far as I have gotten at the moment with the legend of the Forsaken.  No, don't laugh, I really mean that.  Usually when I have chapter stories like this going I have it all completed, or am at least several chapters ahead of what I publish, before it is uploaded just in case I want to go back and tweak anything.  This time, however, I'm just putting it up here and waiving all tweaking rights.  The ending will come eventually, but I can't ever seem to set (or keep) deadlines when it comes to Forsaken, so I can't promise when.  What I'm trying to say is don't get your hopes up. Anyway, in this sixth and climatic chapter, several exciting things happen including: Vayrual storming at random people, Terien doing something rather rash (or perhaps he had the whole thing planned, you never really know with him), and Seril makes a completely irrelevent discovery.  Enjoy it, or not, at your own discretion. 

Story: F O R S A K E N - 00.

Inge van den Broek

F O R S A K E N (D i v i n i t y D e s t r o y e d) Prologue. Dawn Of Humanity Comment: Yesh, a complete new story I've been working on this for a while now and finally I'm submitting it. I really hope you like it! Some of you might recognize the title of this story, and that's probably because I didn't think of it myself. Actually, I kinda lent it from Divinity Destroyed, a progressive metal band who are also the creators of the wonderful song Forsaken, upon which the complete story is based. I really liked the lyrics I suppose, and therefor I decided in a flash of inspiration I would write a story of it . As for the writing itself, don't be too hard on me, as English is not my first language (though I probably love it more than Dutch) and thus there will be flaws in my spelling and grammar. Also I'm not that talented in writing, especially not prose - so bear with me I'm in the middle of writing the first actual chapter, though I don't really like what I've got until now. But I'm sure this won't be the last you'll hear (well, read) about/of this! Enjoy (Oct 20 2006)

Forsaken: Part 8 Tangled Truth

Hillary Kent

Aahh, finally.  The conclusion to the Forsaken is here!  Sorry it took so long, folks, but I must say its nice to have it finally finished.  Read on for more revalations about all three of my tempermental heroes, and don't forget to drop me a line at the end.Cheers!



This is a short passage I wrote about someone being 'drained' by another. It's up to the individuals interpretation.