The Black Diamond

Christopher Watkins

Queen Morion is captivated by a powerful, magical gem. With it, she can do just about anything. Without it, she meets the brink of insanity.

Structures of Mind and Body Chapter VII

Edmund Schulfer

Magus talks about himself, at least what he percieves to be himself.

The Frown of Night Ch 1

B. Landon Hurley

The first chapter of an ongoing novel about a man's adventures in the afterlife. There are some references to various religions that are not intended to pinpoint or insult said religions in any way. Enjoy -- though it's pretty dark!

Marie Raven

still a bit rough, but the story part of it is finished. not the most cheerful thing i've written, but i did put a lot of work in to thos one


Klair Scattergood

Based on the poster 'Flying Dark Dragon' by Ciruelo Cabral

Fortress of Oscrael Glossary

William Bishop III

Ever wonder what the heck some of the references in the story were refering to? Here you can find out what's goin' on! If you have the time to read ALL, it gives good insight to later parts of the story.

Fortress: Chapter 1

Vitia Latino

This story is inspired by high concentrations of fantasy, my life and Sting's song 'Fortress Around Your Heart.' I am a pretty irregular writer, but I hope this to be one of the few stories I finish. I had hoped to make it a wordless comic, but I realized if I didn't get the story down first, I might never be able to draw it if inspiration left me. Ok- now I am going on for too long- Here is the first chapter of Fortress- Enjoy!

A Moment Longer Than Eternity

Maria Elmindreda L

Before death, every elf has a moment to think. This moment will last for as long as one wishes, that is why it can be longer than eternity. A short story about an elf's death and his thoughts.

The Citadel

Manuel Alejandro

Maybe one day we end up like this, let's hope not...

Arrival of the Elves

Joseph Gnemmi

This one I thought of when I was watching TTT (arrival of the Elves) and The Last Samurai (the Safe Passage part). It is best suited to The Last Samurai's samurai noble theme. Enjoy!

Prologue 3 The Giant Killer

John R. Smith

Well it is about time I start a main charector for my prologues, someone to get the histery going, the battles may seem a bit one sided but keep in mind this is the legend/folklore of how their world came to be in its present form.

The Black Rider: Part III

Dave Baverstock

The third part to TBR, if you havn't already, read the first two parts for the story to make sense. Enjoy!

The Great War Pt. 1

Michael Keith

I got this really cool idea when I was looking around in the art gallery of someone who drew a humaniod feline. I have no clue who he is, and I'm not ripping him off as I do not think a cat/human is an original idea (I saw them in bedknobs and broomsticks). Its the beginning to a new story, hopefully epic, that I'm working on.

The Laugh

Charles Trowbridge

Here's the fourth revision of The Laugh to be published here on elfwood. This time I had a real copy editor go through and help me with it, so all of those pesky 'isents' have been spelled correctly and all of that! Hope you guys enjoy. Thanks for the help with it Whitman.

The Black Rider: Part II

Dave Baverstock

This contains the second part of The Black Rider, working on the final part. PLEASE READ PART I FIRST. comments and opinions appreciated - thanks.

Fort Garskouth

T Bertram

The dreary fortress of Garskouth, heavily fortified and well guarded, is no easy target for a late night raid. Flix is a copyright of S Boxer and I have her permission to use this character.


Lee Twigger

The desperate struggle of a necromancer and his minions to survive a massive assault from the combined forces of all hie enemies

GGC - Part I - 5 - Captives of a Cause

Marlena Cannon

'A soft white glove brushed against Malraune's hand and its owner caught her hand up into his. He smiled gently as Malraune startled, and softly kissed the back of her hand.' Being a captive isn't so bad.

Fortress War (Poem)

Brian Gibbons

This is a poem i wrote about a battle, enjoy!

The Fortress

Chiya Pike

Not in a place that perhaps you have seen in your dreams... This one was written in a weird way, I wrote the second part first, about her walking over to the island over the land bar type thing first, then the bit about the lighthouse. Sorry if it is incoherent. Things it was inspired by: A place in Scotland that sort of caught my fancy, it had a land bar thing with a bunch of shells on it, and old stone dwellings on the 'island.' It looked and felt like it was going to rain, if I remember correctly. It was also inspired by the inferi from Lord of the Rings. (Oh, you know JK Rowling has read Lord of the can see it in her books. Anyway I digress.)