Fate's Circle, Chapter 1

Christopher McGee

The story finally begins...

The four part two

Elaine Bannon

This is where Ason and Maya's stories converge which will be a big help to everyone who has A.D.D with this story jumping around so much. A new charactor is brought in and more of the plot is exposed. Enjoy oh and tell me if you see any mistakes, comments are always welcome.


Adam Warren

Another 'sacred document' which talks about the creation of the second race.

Prince of Wolves Chpt 3-4

Jennifer A. Menzi

Description of Chapters: Chapter Three: Thomas wakes up to find that he's now colorblind. To make matters worse, he goes downstairs to find Patches dead at the bottom of the stairs...later calls Kim to talk to her about it and asks if Billy can come see what caused Patches to die since Thomas is too afraid to touch her. *~*Mild Spoilers here*~* Chapter Four: Thomas buries Patches outside and feeds his cats before taking a nap and awakens only to find that his 'condition' is getting worse. *~*Slightly Major Spoilers near end*~*

Forever Shadow: Chapter IV: Dark Dreams

Siegfried Baumann

This is the fourth chapter in my book Forever Shadow. I'm sorry about the map. I was forced to resize it due to size restrictions, and it's now hard to read anything. The city of Arvelone, where most of this chapter takes place, is the red dot just north of Burovia, nestled in the mountains. Shahrgen MAul is the floating mountain in the center of the Northern Waste, near the top. Leave some comments please and tell me where to improve. If you want to see the full size map (or if the map doesn't even show up) and other illustrations from the story, check out my SF&F page.

Berries in the Snow

Another late Christmas gift for a friend, this is a rather pleasant change of pace for me. The four characters are the alter egoes, as it were, of me and 3 friends (including the one it's a gift for). Since the other 2 friends helped me brainstorm and just generally conspired with me, I have their permissions to use their characters, and after the receiving friend read her gift, she was sufficiently happy to 'grant' me permission in retrospect. So much for using other people's characters. As for the fourth fellow, well, Dameon Starwind personally requested to be in the story, so who am I to deny the rogue? He always enjoys making people happy. +)To prove these people/characters are real (& I have their permissions), I'll even link to their websites: Ceril the Wanderer, Emerin Windrider, and the Lone Knight. There.'Tis a lighthearted little jaunt through a Christmas forest, fully fitting of a title like 'cute' or 'sweet' or some other such sap (hehe, get it? Forest...trees...sap...yeah. Sorry.). I thought perhaps some of you might enjoy it yourselves. *shrug*


Adam Warren

'Sacred Document' A poem which shows how the fourth race was created.

Chapter Four-The Sun Sets Four Times a Day

Brandon Powell

The fourth installment of Shadows of War

An Apocalypse Day's Night- Part I

Jonathan Engledner

I tought it could be a nice stroy about what would happen AFTER the end.

how three became four

paul joves

 enjglish is second language pls forgive errors

Tales of the Four

Edward Kimble

A new story idea I came up with. Tell me what you think!

Shattered Destiny Chapter Four (the perfect government)

william albrecht

Chapter 4 of 'Shattered Destiny'

Chapter 4, Seven Chosen

William Sun' Baker

The continued story of Raven Palles....enjoy...and remember don't flame, because I have rabid demon smurfs...Come mini-me back to the 'Layer'....

Chapter 4: The Purpose of the Reading

Allison Dollar

What will they see? What will be her quest?

Running Red: Epilogue

Carrie Ott

The epilogue of Running Red! Hopefully this clears some things up about the story if you haven't figured them out! And thanks for reading, by the way!

Four ~ Part Three

Danielle DeLisle

Continuation of our Story.

The Unholy Chariot

Alex Menaksui' Nied

This is a poem, written from when I was most depressed. The preface of it is the four horsemen of the apocolypse died.

From Death to Life Chapter 4

Amanda Janzen

Part four. Hope you enjoy it!


Adam Warren

This is another 'sacred document' about the creation of the first race in my novel.


Adam Warren

This is another 'sacred document' to be used in my novel.