Fox - Part 3

Brian Gibbons

The contenued adventure...

STARLIGHT'S SHADOW: Awakenings- ch 1

Brian Pennington

This is a continuation of the Andromeda series that began as a Language Arts I assignment.

Fox- Part 5

Brian Gibbons

Time for fox to contenue

Tarun, Son of Delano

Jess Hickman

The Midnight Murderer's legacy lives on in his son, Tarun Delano. Tarun gets the surprise of his life on his 18th birthday when a mysterious black fox shows up, leaving behind a coat and lap top computer. Tarun is forced to make a choice, which choice he will choose is unknown to him. (If you haven't read 'The Midnight Murderer', you may want to read that one first.)

Cerise 02

Brian Jones

Here's 'chapter 2,' where it dives into a specific time in Cerise's past. Enjoy!

The Pit Revised

Kevin Wiener

If you've visited my site before, you'll remember The Pit. This is the revised version of chapter one, I'll update more once I get inspiration and a title. It has some _NUDITY_ consider yourself warned.

Rarest of the Wild - p.51-65

Anna Smith

Pages 51 through 65 of a novella, and the conclusion to the tale. NEWS - The sequel to Rarest of the Wild, Rarest's Child, by Miguel Ettema, can no longer be found on Elfwood, but for those of you who followed the story, I have good news. Though Miguel has removed himself from Elfwood due to the demands of his schooling, the last section and conclusion of Rarest's Child, as I am the co-author, will be appearing here once we've finished writing and editing it. The bulk of the story, which was written by Miguel and won two Mod's Choice awards, I will have permission to post on my homepage once the entire tale is finished.

Rarest of the Wild - p.21-30

Anna Smith

Pages 21 through 30 of a novella.

Fenner Tarran, food critic extroadinaire

Rosie a.k.a female fred

I didn't bother re-reading this story now that I've returned to Wyvern's library.. I probably should have done, but I didn't. I wrote it a very long time ago though, and I liked it then when I was.. 14, probably.

FoxTail- prologue

Cameron Brandsberg

Um, it's the prologue to a story/book I'm very, very slowly writing.

Bk 2 - Milliscent Awakens, Ch 2

Scott Miller

Bot Story takes place in a virtual reality environment, in a tiny world called SkunkWks. Book 2 is the start of virtual girl Milliscent's coming of age. Rated PG.

Bk 2 - Milliscent Awakens, Syn.

Scott Miller

Bot Story takes place in a virtual reality environment, in a tiny world called SkunkWks. Book 2 is the start of virtual girl Milliscent's coming of age. Rated PG.

I&I ~ An Apple... the Lost Scene

Scott Miller

I thought some people might think it fun to see the same moment in time from two different viewpoints (and two different rooms). See the first scene of, An Apple... for Your Happiness.

Evil on the Horizon

Matt Cole

The third installment in my apparently well-liked Gareth series. Read on, as the plot thickens... (scary music cue) :)

Private: First Class

Joshua Price

This is the second of five short stories I had to write for my Creative Writing Workshop class. Our teacher asked us to try something we normally don't use, like a different perspective, voice, etc. I never use the first person except when writing about myself, so that was my different thing. And let me tell you, first person voice is weird. I don't feel like I'm writing the story, but what someone else tells me, word for word. And I kept catching myself using third person while writing this, so I'd have to go back and rewrite segments. So, I think I'll stick with third, much easier and more versatile for me. I don't know how I feel about this story (or STILL how anyone else does, for that matter). I am very unfamiliar with first person, since coincidentally, almost everything I read is in third person, and I don't do that purposefully. So, I can't figure out how to compare it to my other stories. I guess I'll just let readers tell me how it stacks up. Update: 5/6/07 It turned out to be required to revise every we wrote piece in my writing class. So, I had to make some changes here. This one sees mostly corrections, clarifications, and some slight rewordings, nothing major.

Etain Chapter 1

Amber Hill

Chapter One of Etain. Etain is a world completely without humans, technology, and civilization. It is pure wilderness, where nature is magical, tragic, and beautiful. Meet Chagrin and Arron, a pair of wolves mated for life unless seperated by Natural Law. not right in the northern forest of Etain.


Stephen Hurlbut

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Song of the Pagan

Rachael Shelley

This is a poem that I wrote during History (when I should be taking notes). This one is a bit more spiritual, relying on folklore and mythology from several cultures.

Urban Foxes

Che Joseph Monro

Everybody has a soul, of course...

The Princly Prince and Regal Princess


Inspired by my little niece and nephiew and their insatiable desire for fun. When the Princly Prince and the Regal Princess are invited to the clever fox's party they are delighted. BUT, when it comes time to leave it is quite a different story!