The Foxes of Farwood Forest

Cami Miros

This is a sci-fi story of what may happen in the future if we keep on doing what we are doing.

Private: First Class

Joshua Price

This is the second of five short stories I had to write for my Creative Writing Workshop class. Our teacher asked us to try something we normally don't use, like a different perspective, voice, etc. I never use the first person except when writing about myself, so that was my different thing. And let me tell you, first person voice is weird. I don't feel like I'm writing the story, but what someone else tells me, word for word. And I kept catching myself using third person while writing this, so I'd have to go back and rewrite segments. So, I think I'll stick with third, much easier and more versatile for me. I don't know how I feel about this story (or STILL how anyone else does, for that matter). I am very unfamiliar with first person, since coincidentally, almost everything I read is in third person, and I don't do that purposefully. So, I can't figure out how to compare it to my other stories. I guess I'll just let readers tell me how it stacks up. Update: 5/6/07 It turned out to be required to revise every we wrote piece in my writing class. So, I had to make some changes here. This one sees mostly corrections, clarifications, and some slight rewordings, nothing major.

The White Fox

Anson Brehmer

When the dark forces rise, when tyranny rears its ugly head and the good folk of the world cringing beneath the heels of jack-booted sadists, the Society of the White Fox stands ready to strike a blow for free thinking, to preserve that precious resource that is the human spirit. The Society of the White Fox takes its name from an ancient fable about a Fox who learned just how precious freedom really is when all the other animals of the forest are captured by the King of the Ants, who puts them to work in order to make them live the way ants live, to bring peace to the forest at a terrible cost. Society members recite the story for potential initiates and, if the new member is sympathetic to the Fox's plight, they have the new recruit recite a vow. Presented here is the story they tell, and the vow of the White Fox Society. Have you heard the Parable of the White Fox yet, friend? (Last Update 7/8/04)

A little bit of history

Jodie Kirk

So what's this war about? Good question!! This here is a very brief history of the world, and explains to a certain extent why there is a war going on between the four species.

The Young Foxes

My first experiment with present tense, this was originally a historical fiction piece I wrote over a year ago set in post- Roman Britain, inspired by a scene from Rosemary Sutcliff's 'The Lantern Bearers.' With some change in names and details, it fit wonderfully into my fantasy world. The potential difficulty is that the political background to it is rather complicated, so I'll try to outline the basics as clearly as I can:- The region where this all takes place is called Tabid-Ar, a vast wilderness north of most settled nations. Semi-nomadic (& semi-Germanic/Celtic) tribes share the land with creatures both mundane and magical.- The main characters are Scyldjmen from Scyldja, and their two main enemies are the Ridilaun, led by Sworran Daor, and the Barrans, led by Regin.- Scyldja has managed to hold an advantage in the past years by commanding the fear and loyalty of many lesser chieftains, but recently the Barrans launched a ferocious invasion of their territory. Vorgremar, the Scyldjman chief who declares himself High King of all Tabid-Ar, found himself in a dangerously delicate predicament and eagerly bought peace...but oh, at such a cost...

Battle of Soamora: Part 2

William Hutchinson

Continuing story of Sora. Lets see what else can i say... well i do try to add and improve the text for better reading and better story

That Kitsune Feeling: Part Four-Fights and Feelings

Lindsey Andrews

After meeting the new stranger Tahn and challenging him, Kal'enal now steels herself to fight him. Both are confident of victory but who will triumph?

Crimsons Tide

Jodie Kirk

Welcome the the first part of Crimsons Tide. It is set in the time when Lagustin was the leader of the wolves, and revolves around the antics and struggles of his pack. Set 200 years into the war of the races, peace is a forgoten memory. This story has been kindly edited by Angela Perry. She has a Wyvern's page. So be sure to visit it!!

That Kitsune Feeling: Part Three-Town Events

Lindsey Andrews

Kal'enal decides it's time to venture into town. But is that such a good idea? She finds herself laden with more than shopping bags!

That Kitsune Feeling: Part Five-Judai Returns

Lindsey Andrews

A trip to the woods for Kal'enal and Tahn doesn't turn out quite the way they planned. And startling revelations are made.

A Puppet Show

Danielle Robinson

A strange poem...

Battle of Soamora: Part 1

William Hutchinson

Sora, a elf. Lived here life noramally in the small town of Nowqued till news came of a impeding war. Now Sora finds herslef having to make a decision, to confess her love to the one she loves or risk losing him foever.


Lexi Lee

Another short shot. Two fox mercenaries and their young kits can only escape debt for so long. This is some of my older work. It's in need of some editing, but I wanted to post a before/after thing. :D

Once upon a dream

S. Malmberg

A story in the setting of the Shandaeria RPG, in the honor of our lovely Listmistress, Rita. You can find her Wyvern's Library shelf at and in it, the story Dragon Maiden, that started the Shandaeria list. Do leave her a comment. And it was intentional that I didn't write any names in the whole story. It was meant to be displayed on the list homepage. I think there's a link to that page somewhere in my Fantasy gallery...

That Kitsune Feeling: Part One-Tests and Training

Lindsey Andrews

Kal'enal has just completed her knight training and she and Alai'in are ready for adventures and battles to come. But is Kal'enal ready for the adventure on which she is about to embark? The adventure of life.

Heart's Desire

Stephanie Law

The story of a king who seeks his heart's desire.

Etain Chapter 5

Amber Hill

Chapter 5 swings back to the wolves. Something sinister slithers into the woods and forever alters the fate of the pack. Edited for Elfood.

Etain Chapter 8

Amber Hill

The story progresses and it is the wolves again. Vulpecula makes what was wrong right...or did he? As the wolves go deeper into the the woods, the darkness grow even thicker.