Shattered Earth: Korell (Part 1)

Andrew Meilstrup

The the first installment to the epic of Shattered Earth. A sovereign people's struggle against a tyrannical, imperialist power.

The Enchantresses' Powers

Amarantha Dyuaaxchs

At the end of a war of the world, two sisters try to resolve differences to their own benefit.

Flashes: Episode Six: Mademoiselle

Emma Kathryn

The long-awaited next installment. I'm trying to come up with a new title for the series. It's probably going to become 'Memories of a Vampire' or something equally cheesy. But for now, enjoy. The piece is based on a painting (Marie Masquerade) by Jasmine Beckett-Griffith, whom I adore, and written to the 'Laced' disc of Emilie Autumn's Laced/Unlaced album.

Les Enchanteurs Part 5

Caroline Bennett


Les Enchanteurs Part 4

Caroline Bennett

Part four of the saga

The 'Story'

Olga Pakhomov

eh... yeah... this is a book that a bunch of friends and I are writeing. it's a colborated effort between us, meaning we all contributed the same amount into makeing and writeing and plotting it. The people who worked on this are(and these r nicknames): AngelFrost(me), DreamGirl, Elentari, and Evenstar. ^_^

In The Night

Jeremiah Blondin

Last night, upon encountering Morpheus in the land of dreams, I was greeted with a vision of a bleak world that never was. It was with this fleeting glimpse of a land unseen, unknown, and, as of yet, uncreated, that a story was born. From the mists of the darkened layers of the psyche, from that baneful limbo of the unborn, the dark and hopeless world that Azrael DeNoir regretfully calls home begged to be set free. And through the wild etchings of a madman, it found its way into the waking world, into your mind, your soul, from the realm of those fears that arise only in the night.

les enchanteurs part two

Caroline Bennett

A continuation of a work in progress

Room of No Strangers p-07

Lauren Blewett

Part seven. World Travelers, Old aquaintances you've never met, TV programs and the center of the dust bowl? Yeah, I believe that's about right... Probably the end of the first half. I won't have a chance to write anymore on this story for a long while, maybe not until winter holidays. Maybe if there's a rainy day sometime, but I dunno. So here you are, part seven. If you leave an email, I will email you when I update this story next time (whenever that may be).


Calijn de Jong

A shortstory inspired by medieval werewolf mythology.


Amy Wilbur

'The truth of the matter is that you always know the right thing to do. The hard part is doing it.' -- Gen. H. Norman Schwarzkopf

The foreign harlot of blades

Kate Inquisition

The rhymes are broken, I know, I'll remedy that when I'm granted time. This is based on the song, schism by third eye open. Every sword motion, thought, emotion, etc. was illustrated in the music, so I decided to write it down. Once in the middle, and then at the end, there is a gradual, decending type sound that I imagined was the blade of the guillotine falling. I wouldn't understand this if not for the story in my head, so if you dont want me to ruin it for you, stop reading. The story begins with this couple in love, I guess they were in the queen's bed, her husband finds them, and since he's royal (crown - crown of thorns to show his cruelty) her betrayal is treason. Like King Arthur and Guenevere, except Guenevere deserved it. Anyway, the narrator (the man she was in love with) escapes, because he can do little else - stay and die - or leave and try to save her. So he does, and it's the hardest thing to watch the king sentence her to death and stay quiet. He watches in the crown as she dies (first descending sound), and is powerless to do much else. Well, he goes crazy, starts killing everyone in sight.(honestly, the song is perfect for this) I remember the music went well when he would fall a few times, or someone's sword would slash his face or something but I couldn't add it in this miserable poem. They catch him, finally, decide to kill him on the guillotine too. (why not, its right there) He feels a drop of her blood in his shoulder before he is killed. I didn't add this in the poem (I can't find an eloquent way to say it) but the very end was both their heads in a basket. (heh im sick) I guess the point was that they were together in life and death. I tried to make a visual point to their....'togetherness' so I made it her hair wrapping around his fingers or something, so it happens in the beginning, and at the end, her hair wraps around his lips.

les enchanteurs part one

Caroline Bennett

This one's very hard to explain..



Kind of a thought experiment. Not a typical sci-fi too, but I guess it could pass for belonging to that genre. Anyway, I would love to hear some comments of any kind, just want to know what you think about it. All the non-English phrases are translated at the end of the story in case you want/need that. Although for the most part I think everyting should be pretty clear.


Amy Wilbur

'The world is a dangerous place to live, not because of the people who do evil but because of the people who do nothing about it.' --Albert Einstein

France, 1789

Kaitlynn Klug

I do believe I was part of the French Revolution.

Those Who Have Fallen

James Gager

A Vampire learns exactly who his centuries-long friend really is...

Les Enchanteurs Part 3

Caroline Bennett

Part Three of the longest story I've ever written!


Amy Wilbur

'Man is condemned to be free; because once thrown into the world, he is responsible for everything he does.' --Sartre

The Still Small Voice


A young soldier in a country under occupation tries to persuade a war hero to lead the resistance movement.