Klash Quickshot and the Desert Dwarves (Part 1)

Frank Fernandez

Sorry I haven't been posting stories in a while. This is Part 1 of another series I have been working on involving an AD&D character of mine and a custom race I fiddled with, the Desert Dwarves. Hope you all like it.

The Crystal Skull of Jhun'Turas

Frank Fernandez

This story was originally for an English assignment. But for everyone's reading enjoyment I've decided to submit it. It's a multi-part saga, so bear with me as I'm still writing the sequels. Hehe.

Paths of Glory(Part 1)

Frank Johnson

The firs installement of my short story. Thats right, when im done I will actually have one whole story on here! Anyways, i dont want to give to much away, so enjoy the story.


Sascha Frank

I don't exactly remember how I came up with the original idea for this story, but I it was supposed to have a different ending. I changed the whole thing around it a little bit because I decided that I wanted to be able to use the two main characters in future stories. Well, this is basically my first attempt at writing a good short story that more than just a few people are going to read. What do you think?


Rebecca Dias

Four Fantasy Limericks... Read on! Be amused! April 2007

The speed of light

Sascha Frank

This story is based on a crazy idea that came to my mind while visiting the Johnson Space Center in Houston. I didn't take a lot of time revising it, since I sometimes ruin a story in doing so, but I hope it'll find somebody's approval... enjoy!

Sir Cornelius, Lost in Space

Anna Panda' Simmons

If this seems a little goofy, it's because it was written in language arts for a vocabulary assignment. HeHe...

Right to the point

Frank Johnson

First chapter of one of my many starts that just dont go anywhere. Just somethin i wrote for fun, so it hasnt really been proofread or anything.