The Story Book Boy

Renèe aka: cozzybob

I used to go to vo-tech during high school, a career/technical/vocational school. I was taking nursing (which I ended up hating and dropping out of). I would eat lunch there, and me and my friend would usually sit at the same table everyday. One day while we're eating there was this guy--a big guy--who sat at the other end of our table and he pulled out a book. He was the thick-glassed dorky lookin' big guy type that looked a magnet for bullies. Note: that pretty much decribes me in girl form. Haha. He ended up eating at our table for many days straight on and he'd never move, just sat there reading for a solid half hour (we had long lunches at vo-tech). I never had the guts to ask him what he was reading. I was dying to know, because he was really into it. It was a paperback, a really thick one, and he was in the middle of it. Once when my friend was absent, he sat directly across from me. I found myself in a state of hysteria, I HAD to know. So I bent down low, peering under so I could read the cover. I couldn't make it out. The boy didn't see me, he was too preoccupied. I never made a move. I lost my chance that day because I never saw him again. At least not with the book. I wrote this poem based on that incident, thinking that I could drop it over the pages as I slipped by him and sign it as like a secret admirer type thing. But I never did. That's what happens when you never make a move. This is dedicated to my online buddy Azi-chan. I have a tradition of making a poem like this one every year for her and that thick glassed boy I never got to know. Originally written in 2002

Thoughts of Love and Loneliness

Elizabeth Steen

Someone asked for a poem from the perspective a restless female spirit, longing for companionship and trying not to break free of her chains of solitude, to find peace and yearning for light. A bit on the dark side as well as reflective to an extent.

You will never let me escape.

Jennnifer Burlingame

This is a peice of prose I wrote to release some excess emtion.

Another World

C. Seidel

~Poem~ Have you ever felt trapped by this world and longed desperately for another? I have...

Double Look ~Poem~

Michael Smith

When to look, when to think, when and what to decide? Make your choice and be wise.

Songs of the Downtrodden 1 (poem)

Kate Jennings

Writing a series of songs of the people for a story about a downtrodden race. Influenced by a documentary on the English civil war, having taken up the bagpipes and the history of banned languages (e.g. Welsh, Native American languages, Aboriginal languages, etc).

Beautiful Cage

Terra Turner

Short, cliched but a reflection on the way so many fantasy lovers seem feel: trapped


Calvin Fennell

A poem from the view of an angel

Mage II: A Higher Power; chapter 6

Danielle Sanderson

I'm actually posting something?? *shock!* I finally figured a way to get my stuff compatible with Elfwood again! Either that, or something was fixed. The point is, I'm finally at long last posting something new! In this chapter, Quinn continues to learn how to control her powers. Something happens that neither she nor Kaze could have expected... *suspense!*

Mage II: A Higher Power; chapter 2

Danielle Sanderson

Huzzah! A new character! You may remember Keenan from the frist Mage, though he wasn't named back then. I don't quite remember if I explained last time why Quinn's hair changes for no apparent reason whenever something big happens to her, but I do now. I like the dream very much. I don't know where it came from, but it kind of freaks me out, when I think about it. All will be explained in time. Another warning, this sequel will be posted very slowly. It hasn't been written yet, and I sometimes find it hard to be inspired to continue it. I'm still working mainly on Apocalypse and Shadowcat.

Mage: The Awakening; chapter 1

Danielle Sanderson

Harlequinn is not your run-of-the-mill sorceress. Although she goes to the Magecraft, Witchcraft and Sorcery institute, she has no magic whatsoever. Or at least, that's what she made herself believe. With an explosion of uber powerful magic, she has to learn to control it, or be consumed by it. In the meantime, she meets four parts of the same whole, and must team up with them to defeat an ancient evil that threatens to awaken and destroy the world. (NOTE: All spells are non-translatable. They are in a language that is completely made up. Any resemblance to words or any existing language is strictly coincidental. Also, sentences in italics and quotation marks are thoughts and can only be heard by somone with psychic powers, which is usually Quinn.) I'm very happy with this story, as it is my first completed story that is over 20 pages long (on MS Word). I will be editing things, but for now, I'm very happy with it.

Mage: The Awakening; chapter 6

Danielle Sanderson

The exciting conclusion to the story. When Zephyr, Hariken, Mikaze and Arashi are on the brink of death, Quinn must make a life- shattering decision. Can her immature powers save her friends and the world? Woohoo! The end! I'm really proud of this story, and I hope you enjoyed it. See you in the sequel! (which I have already started writing =P)

Mage II: A Higher Power; chapters 8 and 9

Danielle Sanderson

Quinn has only to complete one last task before she can FINALLY get the answers to the mysteries surrounding her. A prophecy made long before the first Free Mage will change Quinn's life forever. The chapter is very short for a reason. These two chapters, particularly chapter 9, are considerably darker than the others. I couldn't write them any other way.

Magic of Night

Elisabeth Jones

The first verse actually happened at a rehersal for the Joseph choir. I was right on the end, saw the leaves, felt the breeze... You must have felt that zingy excitement when you feel like running and jumping with the wind into the darkness. That is pure magic. The magic of night.


Mark Kramarzewski

Well, this is my first non-depressed poem, its not happy, but I think it has a sense of freedome to it. I actually wrote this while I was running, but its meant a little more metaphorically

The gypsy song

Neomi Geva

This is a folk song of the gypsies in my world, a proud people in which Droof Driast is an even prouder member. To do it right you must sing it by the fire on a cheery eve, when the spirits are high and the music alive.

Tale of Snowdrops

Hannah Smith

I got the idea for this from an old nature myth. It will probably be reformed later into something that rhymes, but dont hold your breath...


Natalie Beckwith, the ungotten

dedicated to all those who just want some peace in their lives

"Dragon Sight," Chapter 2

Wesley Nixon

  This is the second chapter of a book series I'm writing.  I write for fun but wouldn't mind being published so if you have advice or are interested, let me know.

Dragon sight chapter 10

Wesley Nixon

 This is chapter 10 of Dragon Sight.  I'll be going back through the other chapters and posting them here, but this is the latest chapter to be posted on my blog.  I'm trying to build a reader's audience and get a feel for how people like my ideas.  I write for fun, but I've been thinking about publishing.  Let me know what you all think.  You can read more on my blog at