Vampire Savior

Christine Myers

Just a bad relationship.

Freedom Fighter

Gendou Knepper

This, like many of my stories, is based on a bizzare dream I had one night . . .

The Hammer

Gendou Knepper

Some weapons should never be used . . .


Gendou Knepper

Two against many. Odds could be worse...


Callie Richardson

Freedom doesn't come cheap for a vampyre...

Forgoten Family:- One

Amy Wilson

Richard Lucas discovers after his ship is shot down, his compainion himself are not the only captives. the Centaor clans, thourght dead for centuries are alive and in need of rescuing, but will his uncle help or hinder??

My Wings

David Watson

This is a poem about the freedom of being able to fly like an angel.

What Cost Everything?

Keli-Rene Sparks

A 600 word story about the cost of making a choice.

First Night Alone

Aaron Tokay

Her world just flipped over on her... how would you feel? This is set in a world I have been writing about for eight years, and the character in this piece is one of the main characters from those books, but this particular story, while explained in parts, does not actually fit in my tale anywhere. I suppose it is a prequel, if you're into those.


Emma-Jane Smith

A trapped spirit..


Kyle Wilkins

The saddening tale of mercenary and a brother's death.

The World All Before Them Ch 8

B. Landon Hurley

Chapter 8 of The World All Before Them. In this chapter, Arthur and friends finally reach what they've been looking for...sort of. Comments welcome!

First Flight

Dasha Mouraveyko

A free poem. I wrote it after I finished reading 'The Giver'.

Threat of a Doubt

Phillip Lavergne

In a society whose function depends upon people willingly submitting themselves to a secret slavery, where the needs of the person are lost in the desires of the society, what happens to those who question the system... to those who doubt?

The Dance of Freedom (pgs 11-15)

Shawn Reed

I hope you think it's still going well... You'll have some action in the next section (pgs 16-20), I promise. Anyway, until then, enjoy!


Mathias Y. Dellaert

I wrote this story for a good friend of mine, it's about ... well, freedom :) Hope you enjoy it, I do.

Songs of the Downtrodden 3 (poem)

Kate Jennings

A subversive lullaby, sung by the mothers of an oppressed but never hopeless people, waiting to work out their own liberation (see Song of the Downtrodden 1 and 2 for more details). The 'garland of leaves' is the tsedek-bush crown with which the king-in-exile is remembered and honoured.

Songs of the Downtrodden 1 (poem)

Kate Jennings

Writing a series of songs of the people for a story about a downtrodden race. Influenced by a documentary on the English civil war, having taken up the bagpipes and the history of banned languages (e.g. Welsh, Native American languages, Aboriginal languages, etc).

Genetic Perfection Chapter One

Stephanie Spear

It's about armies made my the goverment, using Human and Alien DNA. But now the army's creators have been distroyed and they have to save the world feom Alien invaders

Beautiful Cage

Terra Turner

Short, cliched but a reflection on the way so many fantasy lovers seem feel: trapped