The Fulibee and Me

Benjamin Martlew

This was greatly inspired by Lewis Carroll, and I just wrote it down right away. It was intended, I suppose, for children and adults who don't want to grow up. For my love ;)

First Kiss

Elisabeth Jones

written for a competition on Elftown called kissing in the rain. hope you like it.

Mercenaries of Eltorin

Blair Turberfield

This is the Introduction to the ongoing Saga of Eltorin

Isilian Meets Kai

Jonelle Edwards

This is a subtopic of the big historical monolog that I wrote earlier, so if it doesn't make a whole lot of sense you may want to read the other story I have. (Just as a sidenote, I'm going to be adding more to this story at a later time, most likely in another mini-story thing)

'Gildra did it ...'

Keith Brooks Jr.

I decided to upload a very short story I wrote to add to my list of chapters on Elfwood. this story has nothing to do with my novel. You'll notice that I use the word 'expensive' quite a lot when referring to the psychologist. Now, while I think that Child Psychology is a fine profession, I did loosley base my shrink on someone I once knew in the hospital I worked at several years ago. He was more interested in finding new ways to show off his fortune and fame, than he was in treating his patients. By the way, I based the imaginary friend on one I used to have so VERY long ago.

Two Souls Collide

Jessica Johnson

This is the first story i've every written. It's about a woman named Mera O'Reilly, who is telling her own story about her childhood life in Kinton Ireland (Kinton is not a real village in Ireland). She meets an Elf like person named Kiyhon(Key-yho-in) and they become fast friends.


Katrina Constantine

Have you ever had a friend in need, a friend that you had to help, but you didn't want to get involved? And even when you go to help them you know that they will grow older only to make the same mistakes their parents made? .Everybody has heard at some point in their life they will turn into their parents. To some people this is not a bad thing. To others the idea is terrifing.

This Stranger, My Friend p. 51-60

Anna Smith

Pages 51-60 of the novella.

the reason dragons kill humans.

Tamara Leake

Just a funny two paragraph story about Isoderan the dragon who gets a new friend.

Act of Friendship

Meagan Sears

This is a story about Maeve and her friend Thorshinar. She tends to get in trouble a lot, and he helps her out. Oh, and I'm aware that the title is a lousy one, and I'm willing to accept any other ideas, if you have 'em. Thanks. I hope you enjoy.

Losing Blood, Chapter Five

Stacey Twiggs

Morgan tries to find the vampire who had bitten her and runs into Preston, who also had been bitten. She gets the wrong impression that Preston is also out to kill the vampire, and enlists his unknowing help to kill the vampire who is now his friend.

Come, my friend

Lianne Ratzersdorfer

This poem is about belief in magic, and growing up...

Chapter 3 of Chronicles

Charity Harrell

Here's chapter 3 of the chronicles story. Chapters 4, 5 and 6 will hopefully come out later in December.

I Told Her

Daniel Bejan

It happened to you too, am I right?

A Goodnight Story

Morten Leren

What happens to monsters gone bad? They become good friends.

The Troll And The Elvyn Queen

Risiart Lloyd

A story about morals, who you can trust and who you can't.

Kiss of Firey Death

Toni Nadeau

Fire and wind, friend or enemy?

Imagination takes a turn

Serge Isakov

Well another english paper gone the wrong way. I like this one, as sometimes i can relate to this in my own special way. It took around 40m inutes to write, maybe less (thats how long we have on the papers) i edited somethings, sentences i dont like, and around 20 spelling mistakes, which is just above my average.

Good Dog, Gengin

Abby J. Golash

I'm not as fond of this story as I used to be, but it is about a scientist and a genetically engineered dog... Tell me what you think!

The Beginnings: The Lone One

Steve Melka

Next Part of Darkblades tale...enjoy :)